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Arrest candidate dropouts post Offer acceptance. Seriously?

That Candidate who had cleared multiple rounds negotiated hard for offer corrections and accepted to join didn’t turn up on the D-Day, citing a flimsy unfathomable reason- dubbed personal exigency. Congratulations, we have just travelled back in time by 3 Months....

Not enjoying your work?

Former President, Dr. A P J Kalam said, “Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in the second, more lips are waiting to say that your 1st victory was just luck.” It’s inspiration to keep at it. Great men and women did not want to retire because...

More than one boss?

Organizations are flattening and role boundaries are getting blurry. Silos are melting away; overlap in responsibilities is a common phenomenon these days. There are many matrices at play when we think of organization structures. With tools like SMART goals, Project...

Employment scenario post Driver-less Vehicles

Driver-less Cars or Autonomous Cars are going to be a reality in the next decade. What will be its impact on the employment market? 50 million jobs will be lost! The millions of people who earn their livelihood by driving a truck or a taxi or working as delivery...
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