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Jobs in Punjab

Job hunting is a very important aspect of an individual’s life. Gone are those days when the job hunt was a herculean task. Getting a private job in Punjab is made easier with various job portals in place. A job portal is a one stop website that helps us find the job of your choice from around several million job postings available in the job market. An agile curated website with job listings around the country with customizable filters to suit an individual’s preference helps find the desired job at a quick pace.

Scenario of the Job Market post COVID-19

Job market has seen a major hit during the pandemic. Owing to the pandemic, the industries like leisure, hospitality, mining, personal care, and education saw a major shift in the dynamics of their job market. The employees returning to work provides a great opportunity for the job seekers to upskill themselves and apply for competitive jobs. According to a recent survey by Forbes, comparatively from Sept 2020 – Sept 2021, job postings have steadily increased. YoY hiring in the IT-software/software services sector has grown by 138 per cent in September 2021. The index hit an all-time high in September surpassing pre-COVID levels in September 2019 by 21 per cent.Experts say the economy is getting back to its form. The unemployment rate was 11.9% in the month of May 2021 but has dropped to 7% by the end of November 2021. This indicates a steady increase in the hiring pattern. 

Among the sectors, information technology (61 %), financial services (48 %), and BPO/ITeS (47 per cent) showed growth. Large businesses continued to dominate hiring activity with 59% employers, while hiring by mid-sized businesses saw a decline. Overall, fewer employers were hiring between April-June compared to the previous quarter (42% vs 64%).

Job Trends in Punjab

Jobs in Punjab are quite widespread and the major reason behind this is that there are ample number of businesses as well as companies who are ready to expand their domains. Be it private jobs in Punjab or even the government job, there are quite a few good options for applicants. There is a high number of businesses in this region and this in turn has ensured that the freshers also get the right kind of platform so that they can flourish in their domain. 

However, when we are talking about job openings in Punjab it would be wrong to not mention the sales industry. The sales domain is rising every other day and hence more and more freshers are also getting a chance to be employed. The salary starts from Rs.10,000 and can go opto Rs.20,000 depending upon your potential and area of work. For experienced professionals, the job opportunities in Punjab are more likely to be favourable.

Being a premium job consultancy in Punjab, we do try to ensure from time to time that there are ample opportunities for when it comes to job vacancy in Punjab. Currently if you are someone who wants to explore career options in Bhatinda and that too under the genre of territory sales manager, we do have a great option available. All you need to do is make the application at the earliest and we will take onus of the rest of the process for our end. We do have a few jobs in Punjab for freshers as well however these releases are made from time to time depending on the requirements.

Why CIEL HR as your job search assistant:

CIEL HR takes care of complete end to end sourcing and staffing requirements. We understand your hiring philosophy and focus on the performance and ROI. We have an experienced team with an average industry experience of 15 years of expertise across diverse verticals. We attract talent from diverse pools using data sciences and analytics to match roles with the candidate requirement. Our work process is transparent and we address the queries in a swift manner, thus saving your time. We periodically assess the employee’s performance and help them to increase the ROI of the company.

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