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BuildingTomorrow: HR for the Future

The covid 19 pandemic has been a major force that has changed how we perceive workplace rules. Most people have realized the importance of working remotely and how organizations can use it to ensure that they render better results in return, like saving upon physical resources, pollution and much more. The demand for most businesses have indeed seen a steep downfall and when it gets the original demand back in due course is unprecedented. In such scenarios, when there is thinking of mixing it up with equal importance in remote and physical presence in the office, it is quite given that the future of work hr will rest on aligning the demands and making sure that the right kind of proforma is followed. The concept of flexibility has to be given more importance gradually. The importance of contingent or part-time workers who work based on gigs is also going to be prevalent. 

The next important work that will be rested with the Hr of future is planning and operationalising the entire design. Redesigning workflow models and making sure that they are relegated in the right way is also the need of the hour. And lastly, the culture of most workplace organizations will also change, and the positive change can only be done with the help of HR personnel who know how to deal with the situation.

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BuildingTomorrow: HR for the Future 
Post COVID-19, our world is certainly going to be different from what it was in the past. In some aspects, we may go back to our old habits, but in certain areas a new normal is going to set in.

1. HR Industry Trends Companies Should Consider Adopting in 2022

The definition of work and the relationship between employees and employers have changed completely. Today to keep up with the changing times, one should constantly update themselves, and there is no better teacher for the same than the covid 19 pandemic. This has also led to the build-up of certain changing hr trends for 2022which has ensured that one can change the way a company functions, and that too for the better. One of the most important trends is the employees or the applicants who have a better edge. This is because job seekers today have got the aid of the internet which can get them the best and hence choosing among the current ones is important. Next, flexibility has to be given importance as well because employees now know that Workfront can be more relaxed, and they can choose to opt-in for modes that are not traditional.

Next, it is also seen that not only money but there are also potent companies like Facebook and Google which invests in the employee’s health. These are the norms that other companies should also proactively take part in. And lastly, the impact of upskilling is manifold, and everyone has to value the same. Hr practitioners not only need to understand the change but also implement the same!

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HR Industry Trends Companies Should Consider Adopting in 2022
“In a time of rapid change, standing still is the most dangerous course of action,” so says motivational speaker and self-development author Bryan Tracy.

2. The Role Of HR In Workplace Health And Safety

Because the average time spent by most Indian professionals in their workspace is more than the other parts of the world, keeping close attention to workplace health and safety is very important. Each employee working under the same roof indeed has an active role to play in this respect. However, it is also to be remembered that the HR role in health and safety is more important and paid special attention to. Why? It is believed that certain hygiene-related problems in your workspace, like black mold or even too much moisture in the air, could cause diseases. 

But here, the health and safety hr policy is very important because they are the bridge between the employees and the management. Not only do they communicate the employee issues, but they also ensure that the management is represented as well. The company should certainly invest in employee health and safety. The primary reason is that it ensures the better productivity rate of the employees and a promising identity for the employee itself. The hr’s work is recognising the potential hazards and taking active measures to stop them is also very crucial. 

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The Role Of HR In Workplace Health And Safety
Indians spend around 8.1 hours every day at work, longer than most other countries in the developed world. But spending so much time at work means that employees are more exposed to workplace hazards.

3. The Role of HR in Employee Experience: 6 Ways to Encourage Positivity in the Workplace

The hours that an employee spends at the workplace could be stressful for various reasons. Minimizing the same and sparking positivity is one of the most important HR responsibilities. Positivity at work has been often linked to a better productivity rate among the employees and does wonder for employee experience. There are six ways to achieve it, and that too easily.

The first is to make sure that the goals are not divided but something that unites them together for the long run and has better repercussions. Being compassionate and just putting up a simple smile could work the magic you have been hoping for. Next, being the ideal leader, whom other employees look up to is also very important and has a better impact on the employee encouragement. 

Next, negative words make a lasting impact; replacing them with less hurtful words and communicating your feelings could be apt for the prevailing situation. Another very important thing that falls under the roles and responsibilities of individuals is to make sure that teamwork and collaboration are given importance. And lastly, being kind goes a long way. Small acts of kindness can be very useful to everyone and ensure that positivity is maintained.

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The Role of HR in Employee Experience: 6 Ways to Encourage Positivity in the Workplace
Working takes most of the employees’ time every day. Oftentimes, work is considered to be one of the major causes of stress to a person. It is pretty much to say that working is very stressful.

4. How Can HR Teams Promote a Culture of Sustainability in the Workplace?

Sustainability in the workplace is the new mantra and something that the HR team has to participate in. It is more than just a fashion trend and can focus on more core topics that can impact the long term. One of the major responsibilities of HR to promote sustainability in the workplace is to make sure that it is formal. The goal should focus on options that ensure that the world is green and better preferences are taken up. Not only that, the upper-tier management has to be involved in the long run as well to have better results. Getting the right kind of sustainability visions and implementing the same will be tedious without their participation.

It is also believed proactively that sustainability is one factor that can very easily be implemented to attract professionals to your workforce. There is a growing consensus among people to abide by sustainability and attract the best talents. And lastly, it is to be understood that the sustainability plan of HR should make an impact and a lasting impression. If the results are not good enough, the concept will likely backfire and not render anything in return. When it comes to sustainability, the work of HR professionals and their teams is crucial. 

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How Can HR Teams Promote a Culture of Sustainability in the Workplace?
Working takes most of the employees’ time every day. Oftentimes, work is considered to be one of the major causes of stress to a person. It is pretty much to say that working is very stressful.

5. How HR Can Create A Better Working Environment For Artists?

It is a known fact that the artist’s work environment is very different from your regular corporate environment. However, the problem is that this lack of structure could be a big problem with the budding female artists in the longer run. The HR setup in most art fronts or galleries need to be thought with vision because there are a lot of issues, be it bullying, payment-related or even harassment, that goes unnoticed because there is no department in these art fronts to take care of the same. Therefore, incorporating HR professionals in galleries and art is very important as it is important to take up the problems in a more effective form and provide speedy resolutions to the same. There is often a shortage of feedback from the gallery or the institution itself, which creates skepticism among the artists. 

To make the art place more functional, it is very important to ensure that the formal complaint mechanisms are incorporated. Not only that, but the number of female artists is also increasing. This is a matter of security for them to raise their voice and go over for resolution if there are any unforeseen happenings. It is easily achievable when you have a team of HR professionals who can take up each issue and get the most formal resolution to all the problems that might hamper the work front for the artists. 

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How HR Can Create A Better Working Environment For Artists?
In the art world, time spent together and rapport is the glue that binds together creatives and the people who work behind the scenes. People will find that the way most art companies operate is very different from the typical corporate setup.

6. 5 Virtual Integrations to Assist Your HR Department

There has been a major change in the approach towards HR, and today it is more technology-oriented. A human resources management system is one of the most potent domains of virtual hr solutions, and it has been exceedingly popular as well. These tend to be data-driven options and allow the incorporation of various models. Next, the factor of employee engagement has been paid special attention to as well. The idea is to provide positive reinforcement to those employees who have showcased great performances in the long term. Not only that, but this mechanism also incorporates collection information about various fronts from the employee. An hr virtual assistant is also vested with the task of monitoring the smooth functioning of the annual meeting functions and the long term designs that might be important.

There is a concept of recruitment software, which makes the hiring process automated in nature. Furthermore, there are major advancements like the virtual document signing option to make the process more comprehensive. This makes sure that the usage of physical resources like pen and paper are reduced, and employees can use this procedure to have better exposure and strategize the entire process at the same time. And finally, the prevalence and Importance of administration software is very important. This virtual integration for HR not only help in streamlining the process but is quite favorable and organized. 

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5 Virtual Integrations to Assist Your HR Department
Human resource management is becoming a more technologically oriented profession. Employees in many companies increasingly see human resources as a gateway rather than a person.

7. Leave Management Tips For HR

Management of leaves is one of the most common duties that each HR is vested with but is also very tough, provided the various aspects of leave has to be managed. The most important thing is that without letting the organizational goals go for a toss, the employees have to be given leaves, and all of these has to be monitored by HR themselves. It often happens that on the rejection of the leaves and that too due to HR reasons, the employee might feel dejected and hence there are practical leave management tips that can help you in the longer run. There are general tips that one needs to follow, and these are:

  • Follow the local laws and then formulate the leave policy, which complies with these to avoid any legal implications that could hamper the company identity.
  • It is also essential to respond quickly, whether you accept or reject the leave. Taking too much time for the sake of responding might stir negative feelings.
  • Getting a leave management software can be very effective and reduce manual errors. 
  • Letting the employees know what your leave policies are in detail is very important to not create a sense of confusion in them.
  • Do not try to be very rude and instead display empathy. Without being empathetic, it is not possible to foster a favorable working environment
  • Last but the most essential management tips for hr professionals is to make sure that they have some time to plan the entire workflow. It will allow better options and create the opportunity to grant leaves systematically. 

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Leave Management Tips For HR
HR managers deal with absence or leave management every single day, but even if that is the reality, it doesn’t make the task easy. Tracking vacation leaves,

8. HR for the Future of Pharma sector

The Pharma industry built in India is proliferating and is one of the most sought after options in the entire world. The covid 19 pandemic has been a potent disruption that has changed the systems. However, the demand will slowly rise again and effectively managing the same is very important at the given moment. It is imperative to understand that the way people perceive their relationship with health is changing, and also, there is a much willingness to get better resources for health. There have been advancements like computer science which has made the Pharma industry more revolutionized than it already was. It is essential to understand that the presence of hr in pharma industry is more than just providing mere support to the various branches. The job responsibilities of HR are more than that, and they tend to manage the branches very effectively. 

There have been new dimensions to the Pharma industry, and the most promising option can be the automation procedure. The changing norms have made us aware that remote working can be successful, and the quality of the Pharma industry will make it sustainable over a long period. However, the affinity towards quality products is not going to change shortly. Hence, it is essential to have the best HR resources in the domain of Pharma to be better managed.

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HR for the Future of Pharma sector
Indian Pharma is the largest provider of generic drugs to the world. Half of the vaccines used in the world come from India; 25% of all medicines used in UK come from India.

9. How can HR use Analytics?

The functionality of clients has completely changed, and today the emphasis is more on digital advancements. Hence hr also has to leverage the best benefits from technology and incorporate the same into their working model. In addition, we have seen that employees tend to use applications for a wide range of everyday requirements. Yet, the option of providing them with a diverse platform that can incorporate domains like personal and work-related updates, interaction with employers and colleagues, and leave requests is missing. Therefore, incorporating this system is very important for better functionality. 

Here the scope of hr analytics in recruitment is very important and needs to be taken special care of.

Making the organization digital opens up many avenues and ensures that efficiency is maintained for the long run. There are important insights that are developed, and consequently, it helps one to have better plans and strategize based on these insights themselves. It is also much more convenient to understand patterns of functioning based on these insights. One can also make a note of the performance which is not up to the mark, and it can be made better. Therefore, it is very important that the upcoming workforce adopts a more technical approach and moves forth with hr analytics solutions that are always more rewarding and efficient.

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How can HR use Analytics?
Every business is going digital because customers are doing stuff using smart phones and the apps residing on their phones. You could be a bank, a factory, a retailer, doctor, lawyer

10. Take the stress out of Recruitment – let CIEL HR handle it for you!

The option for recruitment is getting high, and every day numerous job opportunities have to be filled in with potent candidates. In this scenario, the requirement for a talent acquisition team becomes very important. It is known that each organization has its very own set of characteristics and requirements. Based on these points, the work of the talent acquisition center is to provide clients with the right candidates who are perfect for their job profiles. Not only that, the recruitment plan for each organization has to be very strong; otherwise, the execution will continue to be weak and render subpar results. 

One often does not trust the in-house recruiter, and in this case, getting hold of options like ours could work in favor of you. As recruitment consultants in Bangalore, our job is to bring the best candidates only for you to fill in the job opportunities. It is a human tendency to trust the professionals, and thus we try to keep up that trust and work as your go-to option for a trusted recruitment franchise in India. It is very important to be functional in the long run; one has to be well versed about authenticity and bring better and able candidates to function as a potent talent acquisition company. 

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Take the stress out of Recruitment – let CIEL HR handle it for you
All of us are in a hurry – organizations and individuals. We want things done instantly. Our environment rewards us for quick results and push us into a state of despair when results


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