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Employment Agencies in Kochi

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    Do you need expert recruitment services from Top Employment agencies in Kochi? Get in touch with CIEL HR today to find the perfect candidates for your organization. Our expert recruiters are trained to understand specific requirements before selecting candidates for any role. Whether you need contractual or full-time employees, we have an enormous database with multiple profiles.


    How Does CIEL HR Hire the Best Candidates?

    At CIEL HR, one of the premier private employment agencies, we use scientific methods for talent acquisition and recruitment. Our job consultants are trained to understand the role before sourcing candidates. Since every industry has specific requirements, we help you to find candidates that are perfect matches. We categorize candidates based on their resumes, skills, and cultural fitment. This method helps us to match candidates with prospective employers who are a perfect match for their expertise and experience level.

    CIEL HR is one of the best private employment agencies that follow a systematic approach to shortlisting candidates. We use a scientific, algorithm-based method that helps us to match a candidate to a correct profile. It not only helps to evaluate a candidate’s expertise, but it also increases the chances of successful employment. The retention rates are also improved, saving employers the hassle of finding a replacement now and then.


    Recruit Candidates with Employment Agencies in Kochi

    Matching a job profile with the right candidate can be a challenging task. Rely on CIEL HR, one of the leading employment agencies in Kochi, to find the best candidates for your organization. We help to recruit entry-level as well as experienced candidates across sectors. Our recruitment services help to find candidates for Manufacturing, Energy, Infrastructure, IT & ITES, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Pharma, Services, and multiple other verticals.

    The expert consultants at CIEL HR reduce the hiring time and select top candidates suitable for your industry. Our advanced data sciences help to sort candidates according to job profiles and the technical expertise required for a position. It helps us to efficiently assess a candidate before forwarding them to our clients. We also offer continuous support to the candidate from the time of selection until the joining date. It makes the transition easy and smooth.

    Among the private employment agencies, CIEL HR has established itself as a successful recruiter. We have an extensive database and offer the best talent acquisition services. Unsuccessful candidates are notified according to a proven methodology. We also add unsuccessful candidates to our database to improve our referral process.

    Looking for an employment agency in Kochi? Contact CIEL HR for all your recruitment needs. You can talk to our consultants by calling +91 7816 000 111. You can also write to us at info@cielhr.com for the best staffing solutions.


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    How do you hire quality candidates?
    • Hiring a quality candidate needs experience.
    • Start with creating a detailed job description for the open position. Define what must the successful candidate deliver in this role.
    • It is important for the hiring manager to re-approve or edit the standard job description that is available in the organisation for the role to be filled.
    • It is critical to understand the availability of potential talent who match all the specifications in the job description. There is no point specifying a list of hiring criteria when talent matching with all of them is not available. In such a case, one has to go to the drawing board to recraft the role and revamp the hiring criteria.
    • Selecting a person who matches most of the hiring criteria is not enough. We need to match the individual’s values, beliefs and behaviours with your company culture.
    • During the hiring cycle, the recruiter and the hiring manager have to engage with potential candidates deeply so that the candidates express themselves freely and we understand the motives and plans of the candidate well.
    • A Recruitment firm / trained recruiter is ideal to identify the Right People for your organisation.
    What is the best way to hire employees?
    • Start with a discussion with the hiring manager to understand what must a good hire deliver in the role and add those details in the notes of the job description.
    • Get the job description reviewed by the hiring manager if all the hiring criteria are relevant and the role is described well.
    • Assess if the hiring criteria are in alignment with talent availability. If the specifications are unrealistic, go back to the hiring manager and the senior people in the HR team to recraft the requirements.
    • Source candidates whose attributes match with the specifications and draw them towards the employer brand
    • Listen to their reactions, address their concerns and highlight the value proposition that the employer brand offers
    • Upon getting the consent of the candidate to pursue the opportunity, assess deeper into the personality such as values, beliefs, future plans and motives to seek alignment with your organisation culture.
    • Upon a good match with the hiring criteria as well as the organisation’s culture, present the candidates compellingly to the hiring manager for further evaluation
    • Use experienced recruiters and assessors to hire the best employees.
    What are good hiring practices?
    • Engage with the line manager / hiring manager to understand his/ her perspectives about the ideal candidate and the expectations from the ideal candidate.
    • Research the talent pool to figure out if the hiring criteria are pragmatic enough to draw a decent pool of candidates towards the opportunity. In case, the potential pool of candidates is too small, get the specifications recrafted or set the expectations of the hiring manager accordingly.
    • Engage the candidate well to understand his/ her motives, plans, values and beliefs. These inputs indicate how strongly the candidate is attracted towards the opportunity and how well the candidate matches with the organisation’s culture.
    • Make sure that the evaluation of candidate’s fitment or suitability for the role is carried out by skilled assessors and an objective assessment takes place.
    • Deliver an experience to the candidate through the selection process in such a way that the candidate understands the culture in the organisation
    • Show a realistic preview of the job – neither an over-projection nor under-projection. It is critical that the candidate gets the right information and we prevent dissonance after he/ she joins the organisation.
    How do you hire an entry level employee?
    • Test for the knowledge and attitude of the candidate to know if the individual possesses the right levels of knowledge and the ability to learn your company’s specific situations.
    • Attract the right talent by targeting the right campuses and communicating what your employer brand has to offer
    • Use the right tools to check the fitment with the attitude you are looking for and the levels of knowledge you want in the predetermined areas / domains.
    • Give quick feedback to all the candidates who go through the recruitment process and explain details when asked.
    • Treat them with respect and gratitude that they chose to pursue a career with you, the skills they bring and the possibilities they hold for the future.
    How can I hire a lot of employees quickly?
    • Draw up a good plan, right from the stage of understanding the trends in the talent market and defining the job descriptions with pragmatic hiring criteria to make a clear project plan with timelines, the number of candidates to be assessed and the list of assessors and decision makers.
    • Engage experienced recruiting organisations to spread the word, communicate your value proposition and source the right candidates for you.
    • Ideally use one agency as a master vendor to run the project as an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) project on an end-to-end basis to run the processes efficiently and cost-effectively.
    How can we reduce the cost of hiring?
    • Use an outsourced agency to run a recruitment project for you as an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) if you need to hire a large number of people.
    • If you need just a handful of people, use a couple of contingency hiring agencies who are willing to partner with you for a year-long engagement and understand your needs. They can source the best-fit candidates easily for you.
    • Draw up the requirements clearly and in a pragmatic manner so that the efforts to source the right candidates are directed effectively and no time is wasted in the process of trial and error
    • Listen to candidates deeply so that we understand their motives well and not lose them later in the hiring cycle, putting the process back to square one.
    What are the best job consultants in Kochi?

    The best job consultants are the ones who have a large client base. They work with a large number of organisations to find the best candidates for them. They have a large team, typically spread across the country tapping into each pool of candidates available. Last but not the least, they are smart in leveraging technology giving a good experience to candidates seeking a new job. In Kochi as well as in India, CIEL HR is one of the best job consultancies. They have a huge database of 2 Million plus candidates; they service 1800+ organisations spread across multiple industry sectors; they are 300+ people spread across 39 cities in India.

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      Kochi Jobs

      CIEL/SEL/20064: Executive Officer - Industry Connect - Kochi

      PURPOSE OF JOB: To handle State Panel initiatives and assist in overall operations of designated panels such as identifying panel initiatives, undertake end to end coordination of meetings, seminars, conference and other activities which bring an overall development of the existing panel initiatives and emerge new initiatives for future growth of the Bangalore Zone. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: The main areas in which this job must get results in order to achieve its purpose 1. RESEARCH & REPORT CREATION: To collate Data from multiple sources and assimilate/integrate it issues etc on the Panel/ Panels Research on various issues pertaining to Panel Development, data collection, assimilation and database management Development of market intelligence To create Basic Report using the data 2. POLICY DEVELOPMENT & ADVOCACY: To identify opportunities / improvements for policies through direct/indirect interaction with members To independently conduct primary & secondary research from multiple sources 3. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Providing Secretarial assistance to all Council related activities including drafting of Agenda, minutes, follow ups and maintenance of records To manage the promotional activities related to smaller projects To support /conduct primary & secondary research from multiple sources To prepare final reports & status reports related to projects 4. EVENT MANAGEMENT To handle extensive logistics services during the event To maintain higher standards of safety, hygiene & cleanliness during the event To coordinate larger volume of external communications To negotiate and achieve contracts Networking with industry and Government to develop rapport with a wide cross section of people in industry and Government at appropriate level SKILLS AND ATTRIBUTES SKILLS (FUNCTIONAL) Analytical Ability Organizing, Planning & Coordination skills Negotiation skills Effective Communication Skills. SKILLS (BEHAVIOURAL) Action Orientation Personal Effectiveness Effective Interpersonal Skill Learning Agility ATTRIBUTES: Ethics & Values Trust & Reliability Passion & Conviction Dedication & Service Orientation Job Location: Kochi, Kerala Salary Budget: 4 to 6 Lacs Per Annum Experience: 3 to 5 Yrs (Into Events Organizing, Project & Stakeholder Management) Educational Qualification: Any UG/PG Desired Skill: Effective & Strong Verbal & Written Communication

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