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Recent Blogs
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Talent Brand : Build and Leverage

Some companies are strong talent magnets while many are not. The attractiveness of a company is a function of multiple parameters. However, there are a few critical components in the organisations’ strategy that help them stand out. More often than not, they have a strong reputation built over the years for the practices they follow […]

Making Remote workers productive

Companies want their employees to deliver desired levels of productivity on a consistent basis. We see innovative products and services coming up every now and then challenging the existing players. So, this becomes all the more important for companies to stay flexible in their approach towards all their resources including talent. Cities are facing historically […]

Turning the tide

The ability to tide over a crisis is the mark of a robust organisation. And the HR can play a seminal role in turning threats into opportunities. The last major slowdown was a decade ago during the global financial crisis. We learnt several lessons then. All stakeholders of a business, right from the owners, management […]

Are you happy at work?

Employee engagement scores are high among Indians compared to the global averages and Asian benchmarks. This is good news, however, retention of workforce is a bigger challenge in India compared to many other parts of the world. HR leaders in India have a task cut out for them. All of us know, happy employees are […]

Hire People aligned with your organisation’s Purpose

Last week I was hearing Peter Betzel, Managing Director of IKEA India talk about IKEA’s history and ways of working. IKEA, the world’s largest in furniture and home furnishing says that they create a better everyday life for the many people. They look for people who are keenly interested in home furnishing. That set me […]

Making interns your future star employees

Four years ago, we started with a belief that we could make a difference in the way companies acquire talent for themselves. We were quick to get a bunch of folks who were excited about the prospects of the journey and passionate about co-creating an institution. We were bootstrapped and didn’t have much on the […]

Get employees to own their own performance

A couple of years ago, we heard the voices on the floor about delays in incentive payout. Naturally, it was an area of concern for our team members. We were clear that rewards and recognition have to be timely. We couldn’t let this simmer; we deep-dived and understood the root cause. The process needed the […]

Improve your NPS

 Companies hold off-sites to look at their past performance, set their eyes on the future and review strategies to reach the goals in front of them. While reflecting on the customer feedback and scores, it is not rare to see people talk about the unrealistic expectations of their customers. All of us want to […]

Can HR Drive Change?

 Years ago, I was attending classes on EFQM Excellence model. I learnt, excellent leaders must do five things consistently, one of them is to lead the change initiatives from the front. They build systems to adopt and deploy the changes, enthuse their teams to adopt new ways of working. In the times we live […]

Advice or Feedback – what works better?

I went to meet my ex-boss for some inspiration and blessings. We started talking about various things including the business environment and the challenges I encounter. We spoke about our past experiences running businesses during the global financial crisis in 2008. He did not ruminate over my behaviours then; he offered no analysis of what […]

The future of work : Tech or HR?

Re-imagining jobs in 2030


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