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Recent Blogs
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Get employees to own their own performance

A couple of years ago, we heard the voices on the floor about delays in incentive payout. Naturally, it was an area of concern for our team members. We were clear that rewards and recognition have to be timely. We couldn’t let this simmer; we deep-dived and understood the root cause. The process needed the […]

Improve your NPS

Companies hold off-sites to look at their past performance, set their eyes on the future and review strategies to reach the goals in front of them. While reflecting on the customer feedback and scores, it is not rare to see people talk about the unrealistic expectations of their customers. All of us want to see […]

Can HR Drive Change?

Years ago, I was attending classes on EFQM Excellence model. I learnt, excellent leaders must do five things consistently, one of them is to lead the change initiatives from the front. They build systems to adopt and deploy the changes, enthuse their teams to adopt new ways of working. In the times we live now, […]

Advice or Feedback – what works better?

I went to meet my ex-boss for some inspiration and blessings. We started talking about various things including the business environment and the challenges I encounter. We spoke about our past experiences running businesses during the global financial crisis in 2008. He did not ruminate over my behaviours then; he offered no analysis of what […]

The future of work : Tech or HR?

Re-imagining jobs in 2030

Smart Recruiter in 2019

 Technology is playing an important role in HR, particularly in talent acquisition. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been helping recruiters in building a database of candidates, posting a job advert, ranking applicants, identifying matching candidates from various public databases as well as the company database and interacting with candidates and line managers. That is quite […]

Setting up a small business? Remember these 5 tips

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and start your own small business, then it is an exciting time. There is nothing quite like working for yourself and turning your passion into a roaring success. However, taking your business from an idea to an established name in your sector will not happen overnight. The problem […]

Look for Emotional Intelligence while hiring for Leadership Roles

Companies look for educational qualification, pedigree, years of experience and track record while hiring top talent. They seek personal chemistry or a sense of comfort in their interactions with potential candidates. These are good indicators for sure, but aren’t necessarily the best one can do. Emotional Intelligence (EI) separates the men from the boys! Why […]

Career Prospects for the Gen X in India

HR’s role in building your company brand

The news about Decathlon having replaced its HR department with a committee of employees drawn from various departments, has created quite a buzz. Let the debate on relevance of HR in an organization continue. At the same time, we see changes taking place on ground already with the advent of technology such as AI, VR […]

Rise of CX Marketing

Not too long ago, we evaluated the success of sales and marketing processes in terms of the sale taking place. We said, the rubber hits the road when the cash registers keep ringing. In the last couple of years, as smartphones have become ubiquitous, marketers are discovering new dimensions in the buying behaviours of their […]


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