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Recent Blogs
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#GetTheBestOutofUs: Become a Successful Macro-Manager

Dale Carnegie had said, “Don’t be afraid of giving your best to the seemingly small jobs. Every time you conquer one, it makes you much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves.” This belief encourages managers to pay attention to the small details, but […]

Four Productivity Hacks For Your Workplace

The pandemic has turned everyone’s lives upside down. The new normal forced us to adapt by migrating to the digital space. Our school, work, and social gatherings are done online. This makes our tasks harder than it was before.  One of the reasons why work from home seems more difficult to do is because we […]

#GetTheBestOutofUs: The Unicorn Rush in India

InMobi became India’s first unicorn in 2011; Open is the 100th in 2022. Just about 15 years ago, VCs were not excited about internet companies in India and their ideas; in contrast to that, we are in a time when the investors are making a beeline to invest in Indian start-ups. Some of the recent […]

#GetTheBestOutofUs: Compassionate leadership

It is not rare to see unrealistic goals and expectations thrust on someone; unforeseen situations unfold and one finds oneself clueless in dealing with the complex situations and hard problems; events take an unfortunate turn and one feels like a fish out of water. What do we do in such situations? Do we empathise, put […]

#GetTheBestOutofUs: Overcome Toxic Productivity

Too much of anything is the beginning of a mess, said Dorothy Draper, a famous interior designer who pioneered many new practices for the industry. COVID-19 has taught all of us new ways of living our lives. We work remotely, meet people on virtual platforms, buy products from online markets, entertain ourselves by playing e-sports, […]

#GetTheBestOutofUs: How Employees are Looking for Value in a Job

If we ask people why they work and what they expect to get out of their work, it is an amazing combination of factors. This canvas keeps changing its texture as the socio-economic situation keeps evolving. We have seen rapid changes in employee expectations in the last two years. Globally we see a surge in […]

#GetTheBestOutofUs: The Art of Talent Spotting

Haven’t we met people who aced their annual performance appraisals year after year, but were passed over when their boss vacated the position? What happens when someone is passed over? A person who earns top grades and top bonuses consistently nurtures the ambition to move higher up the ladder. Many in the organisation assume that […]

#GetTheBestOutofUs: Riding the Electric Mobility 2.0 Wave in India

At the COP26 Summit, India committed to an aspirational goal of 30% of its vehicles to be EVs (Electric Vehicles) by 2030. Indian automotive industry is the 5th largest in the world and has drawn the global leaders to India over the last few years. The industry and the government have been working together to […]

#GetTheBestOutofUs: The Importance of Phygital Presence for Brands

Our world has been changing fast in the last two decades due to the advent of digital technologies. Customer expectations are evolving and behaviours are transforming. Banks, cinema halls and ticket counters in the railway stations and booking centres do not see long queues; provision shops do not have a crowd; sellers do not have […]

#GetTheBestOutofUs: Building Networks to Grow Your Net Worth

Someone has said wisely, “Networking is like nutrition and fitness; we know what to do. The hard part is making it a top priority.” Our world is strongly interconnected and hence, one cannot be successful within a reasonable time without leveraging the capabilities of others. One has to connect with people, network with them and […]

Guide: HR in Workspace

BuildingTomorrow: HR for the Future The covid 19 pandemic has been a major force that has changed how we perceive workplace rules. Most people have realized the importance of working remotely and how organizations can use it to ensure that they render better results in return, like saving upon physical resources, pollution and much more. […]

Guide Hiring Talent

1) Hiring Right Talent is an art– To find the right talent, it is imperative to have the best understanding, and it can be very quickly compared to as a form of art. The strategy is more complicated than business, but if executed right, it can yield excellent results.It is stated that an organization’s efficiency rate will […]


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