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Recent Blogs
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Protect your Brand from being a victim of Company Catfishing

Organisations are faced with myriad challenges, right from the uncertainties in the market to the war for talent. In an attempt of decking up their employer brand, sometimes they gloss over their weaknesses compared to their peers and overstate their bright spots. This new phenomenon of catfishing could not only land them in trouble but […]

How Moonlighting can bring Sunshine?

People pick up jobs typically in the night-time or at weekends, in addition to their 9-to-5 jobs and thus, moonlighting as a concept takes birth. Most often, the second job was taken up without the knowledge of the 9-to-5 employer. As a large number of full-time employees start moonlighting, employers are concerned about it and […]

Hiring Mistakes that any MSME should avoid

Mid to small and micro enterprises (MSMEs) are led by a simple structure and hence are designed to move fast. However, their progress is often halted by the absence of expertise. Top leaders of the enterprise are not supermen or superwomen and hence, operate with their limited expertise and insights, and take suboptimal decisions that […]

Find your Own Success Mantra

We were celebrating success on our annual day and giving away awards to outstanding achievers. Our chairman wanted us to figure out the success mantra of these achievers. Amidst several ideas and comments, one stayed in my mind that the world record for high jump is 2.45 m and the same for pole vault is […]

Having the Right Hybrid Onboarding Process

The beginning is the most important part of the work, said Plato, the famous Greek philosopher. Truly said, we have to ensure a solid foundation for anything new. To build a grand structure, we need a robust foundation. Onboarding a new employee is no less of a challenge than laying the right kind of foundation, […]

Is Your Culture enabling employees to work from home

Socio-culturally, after the pandemic, all of us are looking for greater flexibility and compassion from our employers than ever before. Organisations have been trying hard to come to terms with the new reality of hybrid work; at the same time, they are faced with volatility and uncertainty in the marketplace. As a result, the new […]

#GetTheBestOutofUs: Collaboration by Design

Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!” We live in a time where individualism is on the rise and hence, as a result, a little of our time and effort goes into teamwork or working together for a common goal. Enough research has been done to show […]

#GetTheBestOutofUs: Be Proactive to get First-Mover Advantage

Change what you can and manage what you cannot. This is a timeless piece of wisdom someone has left behind for us. Taking charge Many of us rue what they do not have control over. This mindset does not take us far other than wasting our time and energy. Rather, we have to think of […]

#GetTheBestOutofUs: Gear Up or Give In to Work

Today’s businesses are dynamic; they live amidst uncertainties and high levels of competition. They need their employees and partners to be agile to address the stated as well as the latent needs of the customers. At the same time, they have to discover new segments and virgin territories altogether. It is quite a challenge to […]

#GetTheBestOutofUs: The Talent Conundrum  – New Age Vs Traditional Companies

Organisations across the world have been witnessing a decline in employee retention rates for a long time barring the period when the pandemic gripped the world. This trend may vary in proportion across regions, industry sectors and the age profile of the employees, but it is ubiquitous. Talent management has emerged as one of the […]

#GetTheBestOutofUs: Cause the Positive Effect

Edward de Bono, the originator of lateral thinking as an idea has said that companies that solely focus on competition will ultimately die and those focused on value creation will thrive. Creating a positive effect for customers Someone buys or takes food to satiate one’s hunger; sometimes we take food to give company to someone […]

#GetTheBestOutofUs: Setting the Stage for the New Strategy

It is not rare to hear passionate comments fly across boardrooms and strategy offsites. Organisations and their leaders study the internal and external environments, come up with new ideas and involve their teams in formulating new strategies. Many of them spend substantial time and effort to detail the plans, roll them out and of course, […]


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