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The Role Of HR In Workplace Health And Safety

Indians spend around 8.1 hours every day at work, longer than most other countries in the developed world. But spending so much time at work means that employees are more exposed to workplace hazards. Even a seemingly safe office can harbour a number of potential dangers, from mould in the walls to breathing in recirculated air. […]

#BuildingTomorrow: FMCG industry for the future

The global leader offering “the best a man can get” has lost market share over the years to upstarts who not only disrupted the market a few years ago but found Billion dollar plus valuations in just a few years of their inception. FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) industry is hugely impacted by the consumer preferences […]

#BuildingTomorrow: Plan your Future Self

COVID19 has created so much pain in our world of work! Millions have lost their jobs and millions are reskilling themselves to stay relevant. Our new world of work calls for leveraging technology in a big way all through the process of value creation and delivery in an organisation. Hence, irrespective of one’s role, one […]

How HR Can Create A Better Working Environment For Artists?

Create A Better Working Environment For Artists In the art world, time spent together and rapport is the glue that binds together creatives and the people who work behind the scenes. People will find that the way most art companies operate is very different from the typical corporate setup, which calls for business formality. While […]

#BuildingTomorrow: Check-in with your alignment score

Post COVID-19, we must hope to see an organisation with new norms and practices. We will see changes in the composition of our workforce, the policies and the norms for workplace dynamics. The relationship among colleagues is going to change because practices around delegation and performance management are certainly changing. In this context, tomorrow’s organisation […]

#BuildingTomorrow: Future of Innovation

COVID-19 has reminded the humankind that we live in uncertain times. The experts in healthcare made several recommendations and forecasts which were soon found to be irrelevant. Nobody is certain about the way the future is going to unfold. Winston Churchill said once, “True genius resides in the capacity of evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and […]

Employee Wellness: How To Ensure A Company Supports It

Employee wellness is a crucial element within an organization and not one that should be ignored. Studies show that 25% of employees feel stressed, drained and exhausted after an average day’s work. With proper employee wellness programs in place, a company can ensure the physical and mental well-being of their workforce and assist in overall […]

#BuildingTomorrow: HR for the Future

Post COVID-19, our world is certainly going to be different from what it was in the past. In some aspects, we may go back to our old habits, but in certain areas a new normal is going to set in. Remote working, for example, is certainly going to stay; various organisations will adopt this variously […]

#BuildingTomorrow: Shape the Future of the Organisation

COVID-19 has shaken our old beliefs and started us on many new paradigms. With social distancing and remote working, many long-established norms for business meetings, decision making and working together are no longer relevant. A new normal is being set in place. Across the world, governments are taking steps to help businesses stay afloat so […]

#BuildingTomorrow : The future of Indian IT-BPM sector

IT-BPM industry in India is about 200B USD and employs nearly 4 million people. These figures aren’t impressive when you compare these with say, agriculture and forestry. What is significant about the IT-BPM sector is its share in the world’s outsourcing market exceeds 55%. Given the growth of investments in this sector from FIIs (Foreign […]

Why Employers Often Require Personality Testing

Around 13% of companies use personality tests to find the right employees. Ultimately, a good company is only ever as good as it’s employees, as without them, the business won’t be successful. This is why it is imperative that business owners and HR departments work hard to make sure they employ the right people in the right roles. One […]

#BuildingTomorrow : Making India the Next Manufacturing Hub

Manufacturing sector contributes nearly 17% to India’s GDP in FY19. Considering the plans underway, the contribution is likely to grow to 25% by FY25. India’s demographics and the rising levels of income make us a compelling proposition for the manufacturers across the globe. While FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) and global manufacturers are keen to play […]


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