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Why Employers Often Require Personality Testing

Why Employers Often Require Personality Testing

Around 13% of companies use personality tests to find the right employees. Ultimately, a good company is only ever as good as it’s employees, as without them, the business won’t be successful. This is why it is imperative that business owners and HR departments...
Attract Millennials to your workplace

Attract Millennials to your workplace

  CIELWorks 2020, a research study on the latest trends in the talent market says, the biggest recruiting challenge faced by companies is talent availability. The largest cohort in the talent market today is the millennials. Hence, each organisation must do its best...

Recruiting in the times of slowdown

Ups and downs are a part of life. They say, if you have none, you’re not alive. Right from the waves in the sea to seasons of the year and experiences in life have crests and troughs. One has to embrace them and make the most of them. Organisations have their own...
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