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Are you looking for top recruitment agencies in India that specialize in multi-location recruitment? You’ve come to the right place.


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Recruiting Solutions from CIEL HR

Right Jobs, Right People

We understand your hiring philosophy and are perfectly placed to undertake all your recruitment and staffing needs.

Right method to Assess

Companies trust recruiting agencies in India like us to evaluate candidates scientifically using advanced data sciences and assess organizational culture fitment to identify top talent.

Focus on ROI to Employer

We are proud to provide ROI-based recruiting solutions to meet all your hiring needs. Our RPO solutions are specifically designed to deliver high ROI to companies

Attracting the best Talent

We understand the role context and advertise in online and offline channels to attract the best talent

Experienced Insights

We undertake recruitment outsourcing services, which equips us to understand clearly challenges faced by the employers.

Scale of Operations

As one of the top staffing agencies in India with branch offices located in more than 50 locations in India, we are poised to handle multi-location recruitment effectively. Looking for recruitment companies in a Metro city or a Tier II or Tier III city in India? We can help you!

Making an Impact Across the Globe

We are among the top recruitment agencies in India. With our footprint firmly in India, we hope to emerge as the most respected recruitment companies globally in the years to come.

Recruitment Trends for Employers and HR recruitment agencies in 2019

Job seekers are increasingly relying on smartphones and mobile devices to conduct job searches. Ensuring that job posts and accompanying images are mobile optimized is essential for the success of hiring strategies.

With the prevalence of social media, HR recruitment agencies like us understand the benefits of enhancing candidate experience. A positive experience enhances employer brand image immediately and immensely.

An HR recruitment agency needs to maintain a healthy pipeline of candidates to meet hiring demands on a daily basis. A focused approach to develop a passive candidate pool is vital. Engaging with passive job seekers and unsuccessful candidates helps in not only enlarging the talent pool to work with, but also helps in strengthening employer reputation.

With an aim to reign in infrastructural costs, a number of companies are opting to allow remote working employees. Manpower recruiting companies have to develop specific strategies to tap into the target candidate pool.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is proving to be extremely effective method of talent acquisition for companies looking to hire on an ongoing basis as well as ramp up manpower for a specific project.

Our HR Recruitment Services in Other Cities

CIEL HR Advantages

  • Process Rigour to keep sharp focus on assignment progress
  • Dedicated team working on each assignment
  • Use of data sciences and analytics to match roles with candidates
  • Ability to attract talent from diverse pools, enabled by combination of 50 offices spread across India and latest technology.
  • Experienced team with an average industry experience of 15 years among its 21 senior managers.
  • Proven expertise of having recruited top talent across industry verticals, especially for several ‘unmined gems’ in each sector.

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