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Perks of Partnering with CIEL

  • Leverage the 30+ years brand legacy of Ma Foi & CIEL
  • Experience the benefits of our Annuity Business (Staffing & NAPS).
  • Minimize overhead cost with our effort-based model
  • Start your business with minimal investment
  • Receive Training & guidance from our subject matter experts
  • Make full use of CIEL's technology tools
  • Brand Development and Marketing
  • Minimal Administrative Duties

Is CIEL an ideal partner for you ?

  • Have a Collaborative mindset with Entrepreneurial vision & execution Rigour
  • Bring recent or previous experience in Sales, HR or Recruitment
  • Have the desire for client delight
  • Operational Excellence: CIEL's framework ensures efficiency, letting you focus on delivering quality HR solutions with proven processes.

How do you join the largest HR service provider of India?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why join CIEL Business Partner Network?

  • You desire to be self-employed and have benefits that come with it.
  • You aim to generate a second source of income apart from your existing business.
  • Starting your own business is a new endeavour for you, as you have not done it before.
  • You feel restricted by working under a boss in the corporate sector.
  • You plan to utilize your years of experience and the knowledge in the consulting industry to establish your own business.

2. Who can join us as a Business Partner?

  • We welcome HR leaders, retired HR leaders, and existing consultancies to partner with us.
  • Entrepreneurs and freshers looking to start their own business can benefit from our Business Partner model.
  • Housewives, mothers, and women looking to return from sabbatical can find opportunities with us.
  • Training institutes, financial firms, and skill development institutes can collaborate with us to enhance their offerings.
  • We are open to partnerships with colleges and universities.
  • Existing Business Partner owners and manpower suppliers can expand their portfolio with us.
  • Freelancers and overseas freelance professionals are also welcome to work with us.

3. Our Propositions

At CIEL, we assist professionals like you in utilizing your existing industry network, knowledge, and career experience to elevate your potential and establish a profitable business unit in partnership with CIEL.

4. Why to Choose CIEL HR?

  • We are a seasoned team of professionals who inherit the legacy of Ma Foi. (Ma Foi was the Number 1 HR Service provider in the industry)
  • With our extensive experience across various sectors and industries, our senior and mid-level leadership teams comprise of industry veterans. They provide exceptional leadership with profound expertise and remarkable agility.
  • Our distinguishing factor in the market is our recruitment capabilities and nationwide presence with 90 Offices in 44 Locations. As of the Financial Year 2023 CIEL had a turnover of 1000Cr.

5. Our Network Framework

  • We do not confine our business partners to any specific territory, instead, we enable them to operate nationwide, reaching out to clients, cross-selling, and expanding their business.
  • Our approach to work in transparency and collaboration. We collaborate with our network offices and business managers nationwide to ensure that our clients’ needs are satisfied.
  • Our nationwide presence, with 90 offices in 44 locations across India, serves as a major differentiator in the market. This allows us to penetrate the market effectively and engage with our talent community, thereby presenting the right candidates to our clients.

6. Advantages of Joining CIEL HR as a Business Partner:

Ma Foi, the pioneer of the recruitment industry in India, has a long-standing history of success. At CIEL, we build on this legacy by leveraging the same network office model to reinvent the industry. Today, we continue to follow this model, with network offices spread across the country, to ensure unparalleled service to our clients.

  • The CIEL Business Partner Network Model is replicated from the model which worked in Ma Foi.
  • With CIEL, you have the freedom and flexibility to drive your business as an independent unit.
  • Collaboration is a crucial aspect of our work culture. You can network with other business partners and managers across the country, which is beneficial for our clients. This approach is effective in servicing clients in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.
  • While you have the option to work solo, with CIEL, you have access to a network of Business Partner owners, business managers, and corporate offices, which creates opportunities for knowledge sharing, expertise sharing, and better understanding of clients’ needs.
  • Our network of offices and Business Partner owners opens doors to greater opportunities for growth and customer acquisition.

7. Salient Features of the Business Partner Business

  • Learning and Development: Our centralized team in Bangalore have weekly training sessions to help our partners enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Marketing and Finance Support: We provide support in marketing with all the marketing collaterals and finance team helps our partners streamline their business operations.
  • Operational Support: Our partners benefit from operational support, including access to our in house HRMS software BIGIN, ICON, CIEL Jobs platform, Recruitment ATS and other online IT platforms.
  • Mentorship/Subject matter expert: We assign a mentor to every business partner to provide guidance and support throughout their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Collaborative Approach: At CIEL, we believe in a collaborative approach, working closely with our partners to help them achieve their business goals.
  • Finance & revenue: Our model is an effort base model In which every business partner would have an earning potential to a max of 80% of the overall billing.
  • Core Office Support: CIEL’s core offices are strategically located across the country, providing convenient access for Business Partners who require assistance in different areas, such as the Delivery aspect, after acquiring new business. In turn, when CIEL is in need of support, they can depend on their Business Partners for collaboration and assistance.

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