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Jobs in Odisha

Job hunting is a very important aspect of an individual’s life. Gone are those days when the job hunt was a herculean task. Getting a private job in Odisha is made easier with various job portals in place. A job portal is a one-stop website that helps you find the job of your choice from around several million job postings available in the job market. An agile curated website with job listings around the country with customizable filters to suit an individual’s preference helps find the desired job at a quick pace.

Over the recent few years, if there has been one state which has seen a sudden boom in the number of industries, then Odisha should be the first choice. This rise in industries has also ensured that finding jobs in Odisha is no longer a herculean task and one gets paid well keeping in mind their qualifications and the expertise they own. Odisha is also great for those who want to start their career from scratch and looking for better opportunities and openings. Can you believe that Odisha is one of the only states in India where the employment rate is improving every two years?  Be it private jobs in Odisha or even the government based jobs, there is an equal impetus for both to flourish.

The major industries in this region include IT as well as the sales domain and there is a constant requirement for both.  There are ample opportunities for freshers as well who have just passed out and want to do something which will stand as a strong base for their future career growth.

There are quite a few job openings in Odisha from our end and  majority of these are from the sales division. If you are someone who has an educational or even practical knowledge and training background in this same genre, feel free to apply and provide them with the necessary documents. Once that has been done, we will get in touch with you and conduct the preliminary round.  There are also a few openings for engineering background students particularly in a top MNC company located in Balasore, Odisha.

Why CIEL HR as your job search assistant:

CIEL HR takes care of complete end to end sourcing and staffing requirements. We understand your hiring philosophy and focus on performance and ROI. We have an experienced team with an average industry experience of 15 years of expertise across diverse verticals. We attract talent from diverse pools using data sciences and analytics to match roles with the candidate’s requirement. Our work process is transparent and we address the queries in a swift manner, thus saving your time. We periodically assess the employee’s performance and help them to increase the ROI of the company.

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