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Are You Aspiring to Earn extra Monthly income?

The HR Services market in India is estimated to be around INR 461 billion and is growing at 12% per annum. CIEL gives the opportunity to any individual to be a part of this growing industry.

CIEL HR Services from the founders of Ma Foi has been rated by the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) among the Top 14 Staffing Companies in India. With its 77 offices spread across 47 locations CIEL is also the largest staffing company in terms of Geo-spread in India. Founded in 2015, it is one of the fastest growing HR Services companies with a CAGR of 136% and has worked with 3000+ clients and has 28,000+ deputees (temp employees) on its payroll.

What is CIEL AUTHORISED PARTNER (CAP) and how does the model work?

CIEL Authorised Partner gives you the opportunity to earn extra monthly income, above your fixed source of earning.

As a CIEL Authorised Partner (CAP) you will share a potential lead with CIEL and our Sales team, led by our Subject Matter Experts along with the Delivery team, Central Legal & Compliance team will work towards winning the deal for a mutually beneficial long term business relationship.

On successful billing, the CAP earns a share of the revenues on each bill.

Who can be a CAP (CIEL Authorised Partner)?

  • You have relationships and knowledge about companies who seek reliable HR Service Providers?
  • You are looking for an extra boost to your monthly income?
  • You are looking to generate a steady flow of cash?
  • You think you can do much more for yourself than what you are doing currently?


Responsibilities of a CIEL Authorised Partner

The responsibilities of a CAP can be outlined in the 3 points below:

  • The CAP will spot opportunities to offer one or more of the HR Services that CIEL, Ma Foi Strategy and Integrum provides.
  • Qualifies the lead* and introduces the client to representatives of CIEL by fixing up a meeting for CIEL HR Services with the client for further discussion.
  • Partnering and supporting CIEL HR Services in the entire process of client sign up.

* CIEL will explain the CAP what an ideal customer profile is and how to qualify a lead

Benefits for you as a CIEL Authorised Partner (CAP):

  • There is Zero investment from your side
  • No overhead business cost
  • No expertise in HR services required
  • Enjoy an extra monthly income by introducing CIEL to your known contacts
  • It becomes a fixed source of earning for you.
  • Zero accountability to the client
  • Zero sales to be done by you
  • No fixed time commitment
  • No effort for collection from the client
  • Zero liability of managing clients
  • Not limited to any Geographical locations
  • No statutory obligation

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    We are mostly online at Skype: ak.singla47

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