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Former President, Dr. A P J Kalam said, “Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in the second, more lips are waiting to say that your 1st victory was just luck.”

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It’s inspiration to keep at it. Great men and women did not want to retire because they were fighters. And they had nothing to prove, yet they wanted to go on and on because they enjoyed what they did. They were on a mission. Many of us and our colleagues do not feel the same way. There is a point in time, one does not enjoy the work. Most days, one has to drag oneself to work. Negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, dismay, repulsion are aplenty. What do you do?

Our state of being is always influenced by our ecosystem. Given the high levels of technology that surround us, we are receiving a lot of communication and giving away in similar measures. Hence, there is drop in attention span and rise of impatience all over. We want everything to happen fast. Possibly, humanity will soon look for ways of reducing the cycle time for a human baby to take birth!

We tend to form impressions fast and take quick decisions. Naturally, we are in an ecosystem where we have tonnes of things to be done and on top of that there is no time and scope to connect with the others in-depth. So, our feelings and emotions play at their extremes often. We tend to feel either engaged or disengaged in a significant manner.

Firstly, it is important to understand that we are letting our mind subject ourselves to such extreme thoughts and feelings. We do not need a great psychologist to advise us that such extreme conditions cause a lot of wear and tear on our body and mind. We must avoid letting such feelings invade us and such thoughts bog us down. Great people keep going and make winning their habit because they take good care of their minds by self-control. One needs to develop one’s ability to introspect and know why one behaves the way one does. When I know what thoughts are making me feel angry, repulsed, dejected, impatient I can take suitable actions to either stay away from such situations or accept them happily. The causes could be pertaining to one’s values, beliefs, norms around way of life or preference to live life in a certain way. Only after I know the real issue, I can start re-wiring several circuits in my mind.

Secondly, one has to see the bigger picture that works as the prime-mover of our day-to-day life. Imagine a situation where one is not enjoying the job, does not have enough resources at hand to take care of day to day needs of the family and believes strongly in taking care of the needs of the family. These are not either-or situations! Often the simultaneity of various factors creates the duress and hence, one has to figure out what is the prime-mover and hence, what has to be accepted with the least amount of friction. In this example, if I find enjoying my life at work is the prime mover, I walk away from the stress at work and think of alternatives. For me, the stress of not being able to meet the needs of family is acceptable vis-a-vis the stress caused due to imbalance in the wheels of the prime-mover. Many of us cannot figure out which is the prime-mover and hence, remain in a precarious situation.

Last but not the least, one has to find ways of making small changes in the way one lives life. There is always a way to make adjustments. One has to consciously try! There could be possibilities to make changes in work style, job content or the role, the boss, the location, relationship with peers and others at workplace. Some conversations could bring in the change that one is looking for!

Life can get better! When distressed, one can never perform at one’s best. So, firstly, introspect to rewire the mental circuits; secondly, recognize the prime-mover to organize the actions; and lastly, make small changes to usher in the much-awaited peace of mind.

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