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Recruitment Services in Chennai

Are you looking for full-time hires? Do you want quick staffing solutions to hire skilled employees for contractual roles? No matter what your recruitment and staffing needs are, CIEL HR can help you with all your talent acquisition needs.

Recruiting agencies in chennai

If you are looking for HR outsourcing companies in Chennai or recruitment agencies in Chennai, you have come to the right place! CIEL HR has the in-depth expertise you can tap into, an admirable track record of past success stories and a wide geographical presence like no other agency you have worked with. Be it permanent staffing, temporary staffing or recruitment process outsourcing, we’ve got you covered!
Chennai has an eclectic mix of traditional companies as well as start ups and software industries. The talent pool in Chennai not just includes people from different parts of Tamilnadu, but from the other neighbouring states as well. Our recruitment solutions involve filtering out candidates from our database based on your job profile requirements. We use scientific and analytic methods to shortlist candidates for interviews. Our thorough evaluation will help improve hiring accuracy for your company and also increase conversion percentage. Our consultants work hand in hand with your HR team to help identify the right talent that will suit your job requirement as well as company culture.


CIEL HR is one of the top recruitment agencies in Chennai offering hiring and staffing solutions for top industries in Chennai including automobile, software, electronics, manufacturing, construction, procurement, banking and financing, aerospace and entertainment industry. In the last four years, we have offered recruitment services for more than 1600 companies and staffing services to more than 120 clients. Moreover, we operate in more than 50 locations across India. So, if you are looking for recruitment agencies in Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata to hire resources for your other offices, we are there to provide all the support you need.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Drawing upon the experience of our leaders in the global markets in the past, we are quickly replicating the kernel of our business in geographies outside India. Our teams source talent globally for companies in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Proven Track Record

Our delivery model integrates the insight gathered from the thousands of assignments we have delivered across industry sectors and domains. This database provides us valuable insights in designing hiring strategies based on your company’s talent needs.

Context Based

CIEL HR matches the context of the employer with that of the potential candidate, thereby ensuring a higher retention rate. We follow a scientific method of identifying and filtering candidates to ensure the perfect match.


CIEL HR recruitment consultants in Bangalore collaborate deeply with client organizations to understand not only the stated needs but also their latent talent needs, thereby being part of future success stories.

We offer recruitment services in Bangalore to a range of industries and functions therein.

As one of the top recruitment consultants in Bangalore, we are committed to cater to the needs of each industry sector. Our services are further specialised to hire niche skills across levels in the organisation.

Industry sectors like Consumer Products & Services, Energy, Engineering, Financial Services, Healthcare, Infrastructure, IT & ITES, Manufacturing and Pharma rely on CIEL to find them the Right Talent.

CIEL is one of the top recruitment agencies in India that helps find talent for full-time roles as well as contractual roles.

IT, Outsourcing, Engineering, Infrastructure to Consumer Products

Services, Financial Services and Pharma,

We find talent for full-time roles as well as contractual roles.

Our Chennai Address

Door No.41, Plot No.3726, Q Block, 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040

Our Team

 K PandiaRajan

K PandiaRajan

Founder of CIEL HR


Hemalatha Rajan

Hemalatha Rajan

Director of CIEL HR


Aditya Narayan Mishra

Aditya Narayan Mishra

Director and CEO of CIEL HR


Santhosh Nair

Santhosh Nair

Director and COO of CIEL HR


If you are a candidate?

Send your CV to We will add your CV to our database and overwrite the old CV if any. We use a technology tool which automatically matches the CV with the jobs that we are trying to fill. So, you will hear from us as soon as we have a role that matches with your profile. Write to or Call and SMS us at +91 7816 000 111

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