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Contract Staffing Companies in Hyderabad

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    Contract Staffing Companies in Hyderabad

    Hiring appropriate candidates for various job roles is a big challenge for most companies. To make your task easier, CIEL HR helps you find the most relevant candidates for your organization. Whether you need permanent or contractual employees, we are here to assist you. We rank among the most renowned contract staffing companies in Hyderabad and deliver efficient services within the quickest possible time. Our job consultants understand the importance of filling a vacancy on time. Accordingly, all our recruitment and staffing services are designed to cater to your needs.

    Partner with One of the Best Contract Staffing Companies in Hyderabad

    CIEL HR’s team is trained to attract the best candidates with innovative hiring strategies. We understand the context of every role and accordingly suggest suitable hiring solutions. Our database stores details related to every candidate in a format that can be easily tracked.

    The context match algorithm used by CIEL HR is quite unique in its approach as it refines the candidates based on the professional skills and qualifications matching for the job. Our consultants are trained to match every hire to the context of the organization and providing them the right cultural fit. This kind of scientific search helps to find the best employees for an organization. The proven methodology also helps to increase retention rates and results in greater hiring success.

    re the best services for every client. Our team is committed to meet client specifications and find ideal matches for every job role. CIEL HR uses various methods to source suitable candidates. From advertising vacancies through various media channels and liaising with vendors and referrals, our efficient sourcing, assessing and selecting techniques help to choose perfect employees for your organisation.

    Advantages of Working with CIEL HR

    Partnering with CIEL HR helps to find the best talent for various sectors including banking, finance, infrastructure, construction, healthcare and many more. Whether you need permanent or contractual staff, our job consultants can help find the best candidates. We are also capable of hiring candidates based on specific requirements recommended by clients.

    Our consultants guide the candidates throughout the recruitment process from conducting interviews and assessments on behalf of the client until the joining formalities are completed. Our team coordinates with our client’s HR team continuously to understand their requirements. We have a proven method to notify the unsuccessful candidates and retain their information for future reference. At CIEL HR, we support your entry level hiring to senior level hires. We have successfully placed over 30,000 candidates in various sectors and have served over 1600 clients.

    CIEL HR – Renowned Placement Agency

    CIEL HR has established its presence all over India. With offices in more than 50 Indian cities we have one of the largest geo-presence among the staffing companies in India. Our experts can help to source candidates for all your domestic and international operations. Rely on us for the most efficient staffing solutions and recruitment strategies.


    CIEL HR is also one of the foremost contract staffing companies in Bangalore with a proven track record. Contact our expert job consultants at or get in touch with us at +91 7816 000 111.

    Our Contract Staffing in Other Cities

    Best Recruitment Services Across Different Industries

    We aren’t just the top job placement consultancy in Hyderabad, CIEL is also the best software job consultancy in Hyderabad.


    Pharma, Healthcare and Life Science


    Banking, Financial Services and Insurance


    It and Outsourcing


    Consumer Retail and Services


    Energy and Infrastructure


    Energy and Infrastructure


    BPO and KPO

    Recruitment and Staffing Case studies in different industries.

    Looking for the best job placement consultancy in Hyderabad?

    CIEL HR is one of the leading placement agencies in India and has a huge database of candidates. We use machine learning based search methodology which helps to choose appropriate candidates for every role. Our job consultants also rely on their expertise to find candidates who are perfectly relevant to the company’s need and cultural aspects.

    We help our clients throughout the employee lifecycle. Our consultants schedule interviews, arrange tests or other processes specified by the client. From negotiating offers with successful candidates and issuing offer letters, we help in the induction process of the new joinees and maintain their payrolls. Our hire to retire solutions relieve you of the processes and the hassles.

    Contact us now and put together your dream team

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