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CIEL is on its path to emerge as the most respected HR Services company anchored on the values of Growth, Professionalism, Dignity and Diversity. We believe, all the stakeholders of our business will get the best out of us always.

Powered by this belief, we learn with humility, serve with dignity and grow with integrity.

Clients #GetTheBestOutofUs: 

We understand their business context and appreciate their HR needs in that context. We value the knowledge and insights of our clients, combine our experience with those insights to co-create a solution for them. We deliver the solution using our subject matter expertise and a range of tech tools. Our goal has always been to

  • deliver the services with efficiency,
  • make course-corrections with agility,
  • meet customer needs across all the functions, levels and locations
  • and remain consistent with service levels.

Industry sectors like Manufacturing, Engineering, Energy, Infrastructure, IT & ITES, Financial Services, Consumer Products & Services, Pharma and Healthcare rely on CIEL to find them the Right Talent. In the last 6 years, CIEL has partnered with 1600+ companies, identifying candidates who match their requirements both technically and culturally.

Candidates / Job Seekers #GetTheBestOutofUs: 

Candidates across different levels of experience, right from freshers to highly experienced professionals reach out to us when they seek better opportunities in their career. We have a virtual recruiter, Tony who stores these profiles in our internal database and automatically matches these with each new assignment we work upon.

We do not have a service for these candidates to find them jobs, however our recruiters offer them advice on their career progression. Some of them get placed on better careers when their profile, preferences and ambitions match the talent search criteria of our client organizations.

We offer this service to the candidates without charging any fee. In the last 6 years, we have been able to make an impact in the lives of 50,000 plus professionals across levels and industries.

Members #GetTheBestOutofUs: 

We think, CIEL is much more than an organization with a commercial motive. CIEL is a collective of human beings working with the common purpose of providing the right talent to companies and emerging as the most respected company in this domain. We think, CIEL is an institution whose identity come alive by the members who shape it. Hence, we refer to the employees as our members.

Membership to the institution, CIEL is permanent and transcends the relationship between an  employer and its employee. We are committed to providing an ethical, competitive and collaborative work environment for them.

Members grow in CIEL by taking on roles that create increasing impact on the business and its stakeholders. The senior members play the pivotal role of mentors in this journey. Anchored on the values of growth, dignity, transparency and diversity, we truly believe that there isn’t a single way of doing things around here. We encourage members to bring up new ideas and innovate without causing any disruption of our services to the clients.

Deputees #GetTheBestOutofUs: 

CIEL has deputees (employees specifically recruited on the payroll of CIEL to be deputed at our clients for a fixed period of time) spread across India and abroad. CIEL Deputee Care programmes are designed to help them perform their jobs efficiently and grow in their careers.

CIEL HR Team follows standardization and process rigour to ensure that the outcomes are best-in-class. Domain experts carry out HR tasks such as payroll and compliance to make transactions error-free and all risks are managed appropriately.

Business Partners #GetTheBestOutofUs: 

We create value for our business partners and provide flexibility to start the business with minimal investment, with repayment options from the revenue earned. They have access to our latest tech tools, receive ongoing support and guidance backed by our subject-matter experts in the areas of Business Development, Delivery, Compliance, Statutory, Payroll, Commercials, Marketing and Legal.

Business Partners are our members and we ensure, they grow with us as we travel the path. Our Learning & Development programmes and Knowledge Base are designed to develop an ecosystem of growth for the partners, overcoming geographical boundaries and enabling business development, delivery anywhere in India and abroad.

Vendors #GetTheBestOutofUs: 

We are committed to our vendors as we are committed to our own. We encourage long-term engagement and measurable value-added contribution. We appreciate the services provided by them to help each other in our growth.

We are mostly online at Skype: ak.singla47

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