Online networks and social media are the most effective tools in employer branding reveals ciel works 2016 |
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Employer branding has been one of the most discussed topics in HR in the recent times. CIEL Works, the insight series from CIEL, carried out a survey amongst business leaders across different sectors in India in the last 2 months to capture the current trends in Indian talent market. The Study capture latest trends in   Employer branding, Talent acquisition, and On boarding process.

According to the survey, online professional networks and social media are the most effective tools in Employer Branding. 39% of the respondents see online professional networks to be the most effective channel for building employer brand. Social networking media got 24% of the votes. Interestingly, nearly half the respondents did not deploy any such method into practice.

Hike in Salary is still the most important factor of negotiation while accepting an offer across levels.  67% of the respondents felt that for the entry level jobs salary hike is the most important factor, for Mid Level jobs, it is similarly, a very high number at 41% designation is the second-most important factor (30%). And for Senior roles, there are a few equally significant factors : designation (18%), variable pay (17%) and benefits (14%).

Commenting on the launch of CIELWorks, Mr. K. Pandia Rajan, Chairman – Ma Foi Group and Chairman – CIEL HR Services said, “In today’s dynamic business environment, organisations have to continuously course-correct their talent strategies to attract and retain top talent. CIEL Works attempts to provide ready access to the insights about the talent market in our country. I hope, the findings of this survey will help companies to make the right decisions regarding their talent strategy.”

Commenting on the findings, Mr. Aditya Narayana Mishra, CEO, CIEL HR Services said, “As our economy picks up, the competition for talent will accentuate. CIEL Works has found the top factors impacting talent acquisition, onboarding and employer branding in an objective manner. In light of these findings, organizations can review their efforts of employer branding and their employee value proposition. The survey shows big data and analytic is becoming a trend amongst corporate for better candidate-job match”.

Other key insights:

Talent Acquisition:Compensation and Competing Offers are the major hurdles in attracting the best talent.

  • For mid and senior level hiring, there are other variables which are significant : job security, financial health, long term vision and title.
  • Mobility drivers across levels are different : at mid level, it’s career progression and compensation while for senior level, it’s company performance and values of the firm.


  • Recruitment firms are the best sources to find talent at senior level. Employee Referral is a powerful method across all levels. For mid-level hiring, Linkedin works well while for Entry level hiring, Job portals and Company website work the best.
  • Onboarding Time : 120 days for senior roles, 45-60 days for mid level, <45 days for entry level roles
  • While recruiting for Mid and Senior level roles, % hike over current salary is 20% -30%
  • Salary hikes are the most important while accepting an offer at entry level. Designation is the other significant aspect for offer negotiation at Mid level. Variable Pay and Job role and Salary hike are the Top 3 factors of negotiation at Senior level.

About the Survey

CIEL Works is the first edition of … survey conducted by CIEL HR Services, the new age firm in the Indian HR services industry. The prime objective of this study is to help companies in India to take more informed and strategic decisions by having an objective view of the talent market in the country. 192 respondents participated in the survey, 90% of them are in strategic leadership roles and they are evenly spread across the cities of India and the industry segments. The survey captures 3 sections: Talent Acquisition, Onboarding and Employer Branding.

About Research Partner, Ma Foi Analytics and Business Services is the Research Partner of the Survey. Ma Foi Analytics is an  emerging top Analytics Company  in India. It is a leading edge innovator in advanced analytics solutions. serving varied clients across India, US, Singapore & the Middle East.

It is a venture of 20 year old Ma Foi Group, a leading name in Management Consulting and Human Resources in India. The company has been conceived by renowned entrepreneurs and experienced practitioners across organizations like GE, HSBC, TNS, IBM, Infosys, CapitalOne, Barclays, Genpact and Oracle.

About CIEL HR Services

CIEL meaning ‘Sky’ in French, is a next-generation HR services company head quartered in Bangalore, India. It is a new-age firm in the Indian HR Services industry that leverages on Technology and Analytic to offer a range of services such as permanent staffing, flexible staffing, executive search, selection and managed services programmers. The company specializes in providing solutions in talent acquisition, engagement and retention. The team of CIEL brings with them deep domain expertise, the power of technology and an undying spirit of innovation to its clients and candidates with equal fervor.

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