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The process of hiring the right candidates for your available job role can be a difficult affair. As per recent studies, around 50% of employers find it difficult to recruit the right talent for their job role. So, if you are also facing similar issues in the hiring process, then let me tell you that you are at the right place as here we are going to talk to you about some of the most vital hiring process steps that you need to follow

Identify the hiring need:

 The first step is to decide what your hiring needs are exactly. Without having a clear idea of your hiring needs, you will not be able to shortlist the right talent from the vast talent pool. You can identify your needs by performing a close analysis of your current workplace requirements. Most companies hire employees either to fill an open position because of an increase in workload or due to a change in how the existing system operates. Reputed organisations also rely on recruitment agencies in India to hire fresh talent.


Putting together a complete plan:

 Once you are clear about your hiring needs, it is time for you to decide on a complete plan for your hiring process. Without proper planning, you will not be able to make the most out of the hiring process. Your hiring plan should include how exactly you want your new hire to align with your existing team. You should also be clear about your business goals and ambitions. That way,  you will find it easier to pick the right talent. You must also involve your entire team in the hiring process so that everyone is satisfied with the recruitment.


Write job descriptions:

 The next step is to write an incredible job description. This is exactly where most companies falter. They fail to write a proper job description for their job role. As a result, they find it difficult to reach out to the target resources. The hiring process also becomes tedious. So, make sure that your job description includes every single detail of the job. It should properly highlight the skillset. However, do not make the job description too lengthy, as it may end up overwhelming the employees. Instead, focus on the main highlights and write a precise and catchy description for the job.


Advertising through the right channels:

 Choosing the right advertisement channel is, again, a must. How and where you advertise your requirements mainly depends on the type of job for which you are looking forward to hiring the employees. Internal hires can be the best bet for promotions within the departments of the organisation. It can also benefit the other employees of your organisation. External advertising can be done through multiple job channels like your company website, job pages, and publications. Industry events can also be a great platform for advertising job requirements. 


Reaching out using recruiters, headhunters, and referrals:

 Nowadays, you will no longer have to wait for the talents to reach out to you. Instead, you can take control of the situation and go and get them. You can take the help of recruiters and headhunters to pick the right talent for your job. You can also open the doors to referrals from your existing pool of employees. That way, you will be able to find better matches for your job roles. You will also be able to ensure that workplace operations get carried out smoothly and effectively. These days, people are also choosing social media to promote their job needs.


Review applications:

 The next step is to review the application. It is quite obvious that you are going to get a huge number of applications for the job role. However, proper reviewing of the applications is a must. Application reviews can be done either manually or through an applicant tracking system. You can sieve out those applicants who fail to meet the minimum requirements of the job and focus on the best qualifiers. This will help you to narrow down your choices and pick the best candidates for your available job role.


Plan interviews:

 Next, you need to plan for the interview process. Necessary preparations need to be done before conducting an interview. That way, you can have a clear idea of how appropriate the candidate is for your available job role. The best way in which you can make the most out of the interview process is to prepare a questionnaire beforehand. You can also choose the best employees as interviewers. Also, ensure that the interviewing process is properly regulated. 


Screening call:

 Once the interview process is over, it is time to make a screening call. This is done by directly connecting with the employees over the phone and understanding their expectations from the workplace. The screening process should be of equal standards for all the candidates. Only then will you be able to thin out your list of candidates from your available applicants. You can also reach out to a placement agency to conduct the recruiting and hiring process on your behalf.


Assessment test:

 The potential candidates who have cleared the basic job requirements can be called for an assessment. The candidates can be asked to complete an assessment before or after the interview. This is a great way of understanding how well-prepared the candidate is for the job role. You may also use assessments to gather different kinds of information about the candidates, be it personal or professional. Using this data, you can understand how appropriate the candidate is for your job role. You can also have a proper clarity of the readiness and level of expertise of the candidate.


Background checks:

Background checks are a must for the hiring process. This allows you to discover past convictions and credit concerns. You can also check the employment history and verify the credibility of the candidate by performing an in-depth background check. A lot of companies delegate the responsibility of conducting background checks of candidates to placement agencies in India. Various companies also have a separate team for conducting background checks on the candidates.


Reference checks:

The next job is to verify the referrals. If you are hiring a particular candidate based on certain references, then you need to verify the references properly. That way, you will be able to understand whether the reference is a valid one. You will also find it convenient to reward the existing employee for referring the candidates.



 Once the initial stages of the hiring process are done, it is time for you to come to a decision. This is something that cannot be done instantaneously. Instead, you need to bring the entire hiring staff together and ask for their preferred option. You should also have a backup as your preferred candidate, as the hired candidates will always have the liberty to say no to your offer. So, shortlist the potential list of candidates and then approach them with your job offer. This will make it easier for the candidate to accept the job offer. It will also enhance your brand reputation.


Job offer:

Drafting a proper job offer is, again, an important part of the hiring process. Make sure that the job offer includes complete details of information your new hires will need confirmation of before they decide on accepting the offer. Some of the necessary details that should be clearly mentioned include salary benefits, bonuses, overtime pay, remote working policies, and much more. The CTC of the candidate should also be mentioned properly in the description itself. 



Once the candidate accepts your offer, it is time to hire the candidate. The hiring process involves getting various paperwork done. You may list out the documents that you require to hire the candidates and collect them from the selected candidate. Make sure that the hiring process is completed well before the joining date. That way, things can be carried out systematically without any trouble at all. You will also have sufficient time to verify the documents that you have received from the candidate.



The onboarding process should be as smooth as possible. A poor onboarding experience can cause new employees to feel less inspired by their new job role. They immediately start looking for alternative options. Prepare the workspace and make the recruitment process hr welcome the new joiners warmly to the job role. Give proper introductions and administer a mentor while they settle in. This will make your employees feel valued, and they will remain attached to your company for a longer time.



And these are some of the most crucial stages of hiring. Also, if you want to delegate the job of recruiting employees to one of the best recruitment agencies in Kolkata, then you may reach out to us and opt for our services. We will help you out in hiring the best employees for your available job role.


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