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The Story ofIndian StartupsGrowth Trajectory Over Decades

The Indian startup ecosystem has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. The country represents a huge market opportunity with over a billion-plus consumers. This transition did not happen overnight


In the 1980s, ITes companies like TCS, and Wipro placed themselves in the global market, and the industry saw a boom with the growing globalisation of the 90s era. But a few startups ended with the dot-com bubble. Back in those years, there was not enough funding access for entrepreneurship enthusiasts to confidently start a company. They had to mostly depend on bootstrapping, hence only very few people dared to set up their own ventures. Technology was still in its nascent stage during that period, with limited broadband connectivity and machines with far less computational prowess.

In the 2000s more startups entered the ecosystem, some of the noticeable startups among these were Flipkart, Redbus, Bigbasket etc. Slowly the funding support increased with funding options from Angel, Venture Capitalists, Incubators, Accelerators etc. These successful startups became an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs.

In the next decade, technology disrupted India paving the rise of many startups that focused more on providing disruptive customer value propositions. Demonetisation in India has led to a boom in many fintech startups, aiming to make payments contactless and easy.

Currently, traditional sectors such as Fintech, E-commerce, Supply Chain & Logistics, Internet Software & Services dominate the arena but a strong wave of unconventional sectors such as Content, Gaming, Data Management & Analytics, etc. are making their place on the list

Current Startup Landscape

Investor Participation

Investor participation was at an all-time high in 2021 compared to 2020 with the unique investor count surging by 123% from 1,114 unique investors recorded last year to 2,487 this year

Startups Employment Scenario

Bengaluru remains the hottest location for Start-up talent, with 43% of the job posting in this region. Other regions are Hyderabad (22%), Mumbai (21%) and Delhi NCR (12%).

Start-ups are making some strategic mid-level recruitments in keeping with their business vision. The recent job cuts at startups may be isolated events as hiring intent still remains strong in the sector. The current layoffs have been the result of pressures from investors wary of global inflationary pressures and the demands of phygital experiences.

Startups are hiring the most in the IT function, followed by Sales and Business Development

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