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Why Manpower is Important for Organisations

There are 5 M resources within an organisation. Namely, man, machine, materials, method, and money. Out of these, human capital (i.e. man) holds a directly proportional relationship with productivity. So, the more human resources you have for your work, the faster your projects will be completed. 

Beyond all, manpower is the only source for achieving all the functions of the company as planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling. Thus, it is no wonder that manpower recruitment services are prerequisites to the success of industries today. 

The Work Process of Manpower Consultancy Services

Manpower consultancy is an intermediary between individuals, looking for suitable job opportunities and the firms that are looking for talents. The process is simple:

  1. The hiring agency will contact the consultant and share their profile requirements.
  2. Both the companies then negotiate on the pricing and conclude. 
  3. Applicants will be attracted through ads and marketing. 
  4. Interviews are conducted by the manpower consultancy services
  5. The selected candidates are finally sent to the original hiring business.

Note that the timelines for hiring a person and also for conducting the interview or group discussion will be based on the candidate and client’s availability.

Steps Involved in Manpower Planning

Recruitment of “qualified” manpower solutions is a challenging process. But with a workable plan, this procedure turns quite simpler and faster; 

  1. Decide and set your objectives and goals. 
  2. Start auditing the internal resources and related files. 
  3. Formulate a relevant, updated recruitment plan.
  4. Assess the future structure and manpower of your company.
  5. Sketch out an appropriate human resource plan. 

Performance appraisal, training and development, and retention strategies are also part of manpower planning. Yet, these come later in the selection stage.

Perks of Working with a Recruitment Firm

There are 100+ manpower recruitment services across the globe, yet by choosing the ideal one, you can save on time, energy, and cost. There are other benefits as well;

  • You do not require special access to any of the expensive systems for locating international applicants. 
  • You can spare time to serve your own clients while the consultant will take care of your recruitment needs. 
  • You will have an edge over conducting complex interviews for various designations and industries.

Above all, a manpower consultancy has full proficiency over the career expectations, job specifications, recent salary rates, suitable locations, and more of clients and candidates.

Why Choose CIEL HR?

Unlike the regular companies that provide full-time employees for companies, we at CIEL HR, in addition, provide you with Deputies. They are ‘Flex Staff’, who are ready to work for your projects for a fixed duration. 

Furthermore, with more than 14 years of on-field experience, the manpower solutions at CIEL HR are spread across domains;

We adhere to the standards of Attract –> Source –> Screen –> Assess –> Select. This makes us much more transparent and ethical to the projects we accept from and by our stakeholders, i.e. Candidates, Clients, Employees, and Vendors respectively.

Connect with our team or whatsapp your query at +91 7816 000 111 and your manpower requirement (s) will be accurately delivered Just In Time!

We are mostly online at Skype: ak.singla47

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