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Are you looking for job staffing/placement agencies that specialize in temporary staffing? You’ve come to the right place.
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Candidate Pool

Ranking as one of the preferred temporary staffing companies, CIEL HR provides you access to a highly qualified and extensively screened candidate pool.

Domain Specialization

If you are looking for IT staffing agencies or general job staffing services or private employment agencies to fill your temporary or permanent staffing requirements, CIEL HR has experience working in multiple domains ranging from IT, outsourcing, engineering, financial services to pharma and consumer product services.

ROI-based Approach

Staffing and recruiting agencies like CIEL HR, that provide ROI-based strategies are always a preferred partner in the talent acquisition journey of organizations.

Valuable Partnership

Guaranteeing you of professional staffing services, CIEL HR recognises the importance of your patronage and aims at creating long-standing business partnerships.

Regulatory Compliant

As a job staffing agency, we understand the need to remain compliant with labour regulations and assure you of 100% legal compliance.

Customised Solutions

Our reputation of being one of the top staffing companies arises from our approach to understanding in-depth the needs of every business and offering customised staffing services.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

In India, we are a top staffing company. Our staff agencies in Dubai and Uganda have made great progress in their chosen market segments and has encouraged us to explore new opportunities in other parts of the world.

Why keep your temporary employees engaged at work?

Organizations choose to opt for temporary employees as a means to either meet seasonal work demands or as a contingency workforce to meet temporary headcount absences. Temporary employees are on the payrolls of the temporary employment placement agencies and not employed by the organization where they are working.So why is it important to engage with temporary employees based in your office?

Every employee, albeit temporary, adds value to the business objective set forth by the company through the course of their activities at work. Recognising and rewarding good performance motivates them to put in their best efforts.

Setting the right expectation during onboarding plays a key role in helping the temporary employee understand their roles and responsibilities, which in turn is key to their contribution to departmental goals. It is incumbent on first-line supervisors to clearly state business objectives, performance expectations, rewards and recognition, pay and benefits to ensure a transparent and fair workplace setting.

If an organization can make their temporary employees feel cared for, they reap benefits in the form of enhanced productivity. These employees also then join a pool of brand ambassadors who enhance the reputation of the organization manifold.

How to make a choice among the numerous temporary job staffing companies:

  • Firstly, are they an authentic staffing agency that complies with labour and statutory requirements?
  • Does the job agency have the capabilities to attract the best talent?
  • Do they provide competitive rates to organizations compared to other hiring agencies?
  • Can they service multi-location temporary staffing requirements?
  • How does the employment agency convey the promise of the employer brand to a potential candidate?
  • Being the face the organisation, do they communicate responsibly to employees?
  • Do they engage with their employees meaningfully?

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