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Transformation of GCCs in India

Indian Global Capability Centres have undergone a radical transformation in the last few years. Until 2010, the main focus of GCCs was cost arbitrage for global organisations. However, in recent years, GCCs in India have evolved from conventional ‘Low-Cost Centres’ into ‘Innovation Hubs’ and ‘Centres of Excellence.’ Today, they excel in operational efficiency, product development, and fostering innovation.

India is a preferred choice for various reasons, such as the abundant availability of highly skilled professionals, particularly in technology, digital, analytics, and AI fields, along with a cost-effective environment.

Current Landscape of GCCs in India

Number of GCCs in India

Estimated number of GCCs
in India by 2026-27

Total GCC Talent

Estimated revenue by FY25

Total GCC Units

Number of GCCs set up
in last 2 years

Revenue Generated in FY23

Parent Geography 65%
US Headquartered

CIEL’s Research on GCCs

Based on 96 GCC companies employing 57,500 professionals, spanning diverse categories, that either had established or expanded themselves in the last year

Automotive GCCs evolving
in huge numbers in India

In the last year, there has been a notable increase in
the establishment of GCCs by companies in the auto sector.

In the automotive sector, GCCs are taking the lead in Research and Development (R&D). These centres are instrumental in engineering R&D activities, driving innovations in electric vehicles (EVs), autonomous driving, connectivity, and mobility solutions.

Key players are establishing technical R&D centres to
bolster their innovation capabilities

These captives primarily focus on the following roles:

  • Software Development and Embedded Electronics
  • Virtual Vehicle Development Support
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning

Location Split of Recent GCC Setups

Changing Skill Matrix in the Sector

As GCCs transition to technology and innovation-focused initiatives, there’s a growing demand for specialized skills. Professionals skilled in AI, Applied Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Blockchain, Augmented Reality Apps Design, Engineering, and UI/UX design are increasingly sought after

Employment Outlook in this sector

» GCCs are seeking a higher percentage of mid/senior-level candidates.

» They are actively hiring executives from the IT sector with rich technical Knowledge and expertise

» 32% of GCC executives were scouted from IT companies

» 51% of all the GCC job openings are Work From Office (WFO)

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