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Education is a lifelong and ever-evolving process. It is the fundamental pillar of development and progress of any society and nation known to humankind. The education industry is booming across the world; the industry generates large scale revenues and employment throughout. The Education industry enables other industry workers to learn new skills and improve their knowledge, thereby increasing productivity and quality of work in other sectors. The growing internet penetration has Read more

How many resources are you looking to hire? When do you need them? Whether it’s temporary or permanent employees, 10 people or 1000, we’ll come up with a plan that’s just right for you, and can be scaled up or down at any point. CIEL, Edtech recruiting agency, works diligently and offers the best recruitment solutions. 



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Legal and Compliance Outsourcing

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HR Consulting

The HR challenges faced by an organisation are many. Even though hiring the right talent is a priority, but nurturing, developing and setting up the right environment ...Read more

How We Help Clients

Be it access to a large talent pool across India or hiring people with niche skills, we at CIEL understand the context of your organisation and our client focus ensures that we align with the specific requirements of each client around their internal processes. Our tech-enabled solutions, prompt response, and shorter TAT differentiate us from our competitors. With 54 offices spread across 40 locations, and 300+ employee strength combined with an in-depth understanding of the Sector, we are one of the most preferred Vendors in the Ed-tech space. Our team will assist you in managing your human resources for any job level –right from executive roles, Sales, technical to Curriculum Development, Trainers, etc. Our presence across locations gives the benefit of local talent pool access. Our experts here at CIEL are adept at following the latest standards of Edtech recruiting and its industry. This will ensure that your company is legally compliant with its general business operations as well as in the aspects of selecting or hiring Edtech specialist candidates.

How have some Companies benefited?

Case Study - Education 1

Case Study - Education 2


Charmi Shah, Riya Thakaran and Sindhuja R cannot complete my words in small testimony. A hardworking and passionate team. It’s not only your knowledge, skills and attitude, required for problem solving, but its your thrust and hunger which enables you to be a good partner and problem solver.

Pratik Joshi

Talent Acquisition – Whitehat Jr

How we deliver the solutions?

By “Going Beyond the JD”

At CIEL, we will not only focus on candidates whose resumes match the job description (JD), but go deeper than that. Ciel’s team is trained to understand the unique context that defines each JD; we go beyond the resume of a candidate to understand his or her CCA (context, competencies and aspirations)

Our Staffing Team

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Vice President

Charmi Shah

Head-Strategic Account Development

Shehzad Baxi


Pranitaa Shetty

Assistant Manager

Tulika Banerjee

Senior Manager-Delivery

Remya Gopinath

Assistant Manager

Riddhi Yeole

Assistant Manager

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