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#BuildingTomorrow: Future of Chemical Industry in India, an HR perspective

India is the 6th largest producer of chemicals, 14th largest exporter in the world. The industry is fast-growing, slated to be USD 300B by 2025. Exports for the sector has been growing at 15-20% CAGR for the last three years. India particularly does well in production of dyestuff for the textile industry worldwide. Over the […]

#BuildingTomorrow: HR for the Future of Pharma sector

Indian Pharma is the largest provider of generic drugs to the world. Half of the vaccines used in the world come from India; 25% of all medicines used in UK come from India. Indian Pharma sector is slated to grow into 100B USD by 2025. COVID-19 has caused some pain to the manufacturing units due […]

#BuildingTomorrow: The Future of the EdTech sector

Technology in education dates back to the 1980s in India. TV programmes were organised by the UGC (University Grants Commission) and other state governments promoted institutions. Over the last few decades, we have made progress from smart classrooms to virtual live classes, video lessons and e-learning platforms to AI based coaching. To the urban elite, […]

#Building Tomorrow: Future of Work in Agri sector

COVID-19 has challenged us to the hilt; we have responded to it in terms of long periods of lockdown, working remotely when possible and maintaining social distance while working with others. We are dealing with several emotions as many are battling hunger, helplessness and frustration. Through the last few weeks, producers could not make the […]

#Lockdown Times: Steering the Ship forward

It doesn’t matter if COVID-19 induces a recession or not. It doesn’t matter if the recovery is going to be U-shaped, V-shaped, L-shaped or W-shaped. What we know for certain is, basic human values will continue to hold good, demand and supply situations will prevail, everyone will make progress while some will go farther than […]

#Lockdown Times: Preparing to drive the business through uncertainties ahead

If you are someone who believes in having no plans, you cannot fail. You will flow with the current and hope to have good times ahead. You will always take actions off the cuff and get them right sometimes. This is acceptable when you are running as a singleton. In the larger businesses, there are […]

#Lockdown Times: Getting back to work

The pandemic has struck hard at all commercial activities. Many businesses are at standstill in terms of their revenue flows and operation, however, they cannot wish away the costs. Business owners have been dipping into their savings and raising debt capital to honour their commitments on essential spends like staff salaries, rentals and subscriptions. However, […]

How to Positively Represent Your Company While Remote

Remote work is an offering that has become more and more available to employees. However, due to this rather unprecedented time, many people in the workforce are finding themselves working from home for the first time. From the mental and emotional challenges we face, to the functionality of our new work environment, there can be […]

#LockdownTimes: Stay Relevant

COVID-19 has challenged every business to demonstrate character and depth; revenue stream are choked, the future is uncertain and employees are deeply concerned about their health and safety. Leaders have to show the courage and conviction in building a vision for their company and communicating the same with all their stakeholders. Unless the employees see […]

#LockdownTimes: How to keep the business wheels running during a crisis?

COVID-19 crisis is unique because it has impacted 195 countries in the world. Businesses are global these days; they have customers and suppliers spread over a large part of the world; their business processes are executed in different parts of the world. For example, a bank in Europe might have its customer service centres in […]

Why Everyone Wins When You Upskill Your Workforce

Around the world, corporate agendas are shifting rapidly to prioritise employee satisfaction and development. Major companies like Amazon and AT&T are investing millions in retraining their workers. No matter your business model, you will benefit from upskilling your workforce. Since the realities of work are constantly changing, so should your employees’ level of education and confidence in their […]

#LockdownTimes – A Gig Economy Challenge

As all establishments are under lockdown, there is no demand of workers. Essential commodities are the only exceptions. We see demand for delivery boys for food, grocery, milk, medicine etc. There is demand for health workers too. This spurt in demand has come up due to two reasons. First, a large part of these people were migrant […]


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