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Are you aware of the concept of staffing? Staffing involves the continuous process of evaluating, recruiting, and hiring employees with specific skills. The entire process of staffing can be quite complex, which is why companies rely on staffing agencies to fulfil their staffing needs. So, here, we are going to talk about the different types of staffing so that you can make well-researched decisions for your business while you are hiring employees for your organisation. Here’s a look at what we have to offer:


Temporary Staffing:

Temporary staffing is one of the most common types of recruitment services. It comes with multiple perks like adaptability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. This kind of staffing involves hiring employees for a particular period or a specific project. Temporary staffing provides companies with the agility to respond to changing business demands. It includes seasonal employees, daily wages, and skilled temporary workers. These employees help companies scale their workforce quickly based on business needs. Temporary employees can also fill in for absences. They do not have any long-term relationship with the company. They are also not offered regular employees perks like health insurance, bonuses, etc.


Contract Staffing:

Contract staffing offers short-term staffing solutions to companies that need a specific skill set. It involves recruiting employees on a contractual basis. In the case of contractual staffing, a clear definition of the scope and duration of work is mentioned. This helps companies gain access to skilled professionals for a particular project without having to deal with any kind of long-term commitment. Some examples of contract staffing include temp-to-hire workers, independent consultants, contracts, etc. These employees hired under a contract have specialized skill sets. Their deliverables are also outlined in the contract itself. You can also take the help of Staffing companies in Pune to help you out with contract staffing services.

Short-term Staffing:

Short-term staffing is quite similar to temporary staffing. In these recruiting solutions, the employees are hired for a particular period, which may span from a few months to a few years. These are contractual employees who have been hired for a specific purpose. Short-term employees do not enjoy the privileges of full-term employees. However, they have a lot of advantages as well. They enjoy complete flexibility in their job role. The employees also have the option to work in different job roles and enhance their areas of expertise. Short-term employees also have the liberty to work for multiple job roles at the same time. That way, they can easily earn an extraordinary income for themselves.


Freelance Staffing:

Freelance staffing offers flexible working options to employees. In this kind of hiring method, independent professionals are hired on a project-by-project basis. It offers companies access to diverse skill sets at a much lower cost compared to full-time employees. Freelancers are also known as gig workers. These employees are responsible for bringing a fresh perspective to the employee. Organisations can easily tap into this talent pool for external expertise for particular projects or tasks. The freelancers mostly operate as their business entities, and they offer different services to clients. They also have the liberty to work at their own will.


Permanent Staffing:

Permanent staffing involves hiring employees on a long-term basis. The employees are mostly hired for ongoing organisational positions. Companies mostly opt for permanent staffing when they are in need of a consistent workforce to fulfil their daily roles and responsibilities. Permanent staffing involves hiring full-time and regular part-time employees. This kind of staffing strategy involves offering different types of benefits to employees, including retirement plans, insurance coverage, and career growth opportunities. With permanent staffing, employees are more selective about choosing their candidates. They carefully select candidates having the desired skills and expertise. The permanent employees become an integral part of workplace operations.


Part-Time Staffing:

Part-time staffing once again offers companies flexible employment options. The companies can hire individuals for a few hours only. This allows them to accommodate flexible workloads while promoting work-life balance. Companies can also of easily optimise their workforce based on their business needs by hiring part-time employees during the peak work hours. This reduces labour costs without compromising the organisation’s overall productivity. Some of the examples of part-time staffing include evening staff, weekend employees, etc. These employees are quite popular in the hospitality, retail and healthcare sectors. They have fixed payments and offer companies with greater flexibility.


Direct hire staffing:

In this kind of hiring, the company directly hires the employee for a job, but it is actually the staffing agency that gets involved in the negotiation of the job offer for the candidate who is suitable for the job role. The staffing agency is responsible for handling all the tasks associated with hiring employees. It conducts screening calls and interview tests and also carries out background processes for the employees. The staffing agency is also responsible for carrying out assessments before the hiring process. With direct hire staffing, companies are also able to hire the best candidates for the available job role. It also offers the employee with an excellent work-life balance.


Payroll services staffing:

Payroll service staffing is a staffing agency that offers companies temporary workers, to fill open positions. The staffing agency is responsible for handling all kinds of tasks that are directly associated with hiring and paying the workers, including benefits, payroll, and taxes. This is an extremely good option for companies that are required to fill their short-term vacancies. A lot of companies who do not have the necessary time and resources to manage their payroll also opt for this kind of service. It relieves the company of the administrative burden of managing taxes and payroll. It also helps businesses to fill open positions really quickly. The companies gain access to a wide pool of resources at their fingertips.


Remote Staffing:

Remote staffing has become a crucial part of modern workplaces. These remote staffing services offer companies the liberty to build agile and globally distributed teams. Remote staffing refers to hiring employees who do not work in traditional office environments. Instead, they mostly work from their homes or other remote locations. This kind of staffing has become really popular after the COVID-19 pandemic. It is suitable for job roles like content writing, software development, and virtual customer support. By opting for remote staffing, companies are no longer restricted by global boundaries while hiring employees. It also leads to reduced overhead costs and increased business opportunities.


Strategic staffing:

Strategic staffing is a unique approach to workforce management. It involves aligning the workforce with the business strategy of the organisation. This involves a plethora of activities like talent acquisition, workforce planning, employee development, etc. The main aim of strategic traffic is to build a workflow that is adaptable and flexible. This will help the business in achieving its long-term goals. Strategic staffing also helps in employee engagement. The employees remain attached to the organisation for a longer period. With strategic staffing, companies can easily be able to improve business efficiency while reducing operational costs.



These days, companies can also outsource their staffing needs. In this kind of hiring strategy, companies involve third-party companies to handle particular job requirements on their behalf. That way, companies can easily dedicate their non-core business operations and only focus on the core business competencies. Some of the common areas for outsourcing include customer support, IT services, payroll administration, etc. Companies can use both offshore and onshore outsourcing to fulfil their business needs. By outsourcing your particular business responsibilities to other organisations, you can easily access external expertise and resources. You can also leverage the strength of particular service providers to attend to the exact needs of your organisation.


Project-Based Staffing:

Project-based staffing has also become a really popular method of hiring employees. It involves hiring candidates for a particular project or initiative. The employees are hired to work temporarily for a particular project. They continue to work for the company until the project is completed. Project-based staffing is quite frequently used in event management, software development, marketing, construction, etc. Nowadays, a lot of other industries are also using this hiring method to gain access to the talent pool. With project-based staffing, companies can easily bring together a dedicated team with specialised knowledge to meet the project requirements. In project-based staffing, the candidates mostly work with a goal-oriented approach.



So, as you can see, there are multiple staffing solutions available to attend to your staffing needs. All you have to do is identify your exact business requirement and then pick the staffing solution which is the best fit for your business type. Also, if you are on the lookout for the best staffing companies in Mumbai, it is high time you reach out to us and opt for our services. To know more about what we have got to offer, you may directly get in touch with our professionals and they will attend to all your queries.


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