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It’s estimated that more than 80% of online traffic in the United States is through recorded broadcasts. From this statistic, it’s clear that using video as part of your recruitment process has evolved beyond the point of being a competitive advantage. It’s become a necessity.

The use of this medium has the potential of entirely transforming your hiring process. It enables you to attract and recruit more appropriate candidates faster. If you wish to experiment with this process but don’t want to risk your company’s money, there are many free video ad templates available on the net.

This type of recruitment comes with an array of benefits. Incorporating it will help you find the candidates you need while improving the three most essential hiring metrics:

  • Time to hire
  • Cost per hire
  • Quality of hire

So, if you’re looking for a way to boost your company’s hiring processes and improve candidate quality, now is an excellent time to start using video to do so. Below are some of the most effective ways to leverage this medium to benefit your company’s recruitment process.

Advertise Your Job Listings

In today’s culture, candidates no longer wish to read long, tedious job descriptions. Using video content to advertise your listing will make it stand out from the rest. By utilizing this medium, you can show potential candidates:

  • Your office
  • What their day would look like
  • Their duties
  • Everyday tasks
  • The benefits they’ll enjoy

By incorporating video in job descriptions, you’ll attract top talent and receive higher-quality applications.

Exhibit Videos on Your Career Site

Potential candidates typically visit your career site with one goal in mind – to find out as much they can learn about your company and what it’s like to work there. There’s no better way than video to communicate these prospects successfully. It allows you to give a genuine representation of your venture’s work style, connecting with the most appropriate candidates more effectively.

It enables you to:

  • Exhibit your organization’s culture
  • Display your company’s workplaces
  • Showcase employee testimonials
  • Provide insight into the day-to-day activities and responsibilities

Describe Your Company’s Recruitment Process

Job applicants find being kept in the dark frustrating – an element that may cause you to lose top candidates to the competition. Yet, this doesn’t have to be the situation. Creating a video in which you clearly outline every step of the hiring process and the expected timeline will alleviate this problem. This broadcast should include:

  • What to expect from the hiring process
  • How long it’ll take
  • How many stages are involved
  • What happens next

It’ll provide realistic expectations to candidates from the word go and help avoid frustrations on both sides. It’ll also guarantee a more enjoyable application experience.

Use Film Productions at a Job Fair

Provide job seekers with a realistic look at the work environment within your company. Set up a tablet or laptop on-site dedicated to broadcasting this film production or sharing online links with job seekers. It’ll drive more applicants to your job fair booth to learn more about your organization and help you reach out to ideal candidates.

Interview Top Candidates Remotely

Integrating videos in your company’s interviewing and hiring process can make it more efficient. It can:

  • Reduce recruitment expense
  • Improve hiring cost
  • Broaden your talent pool
  • Provide you with an effective method to screen candidates.

Additionally, it’s an invaluable tool for interviewing remote candidates, further saving you money on travel expenses. It enables candidates to answer your questions from anywhere in the world on their own time, as they can review these productions at their leisure. In turn, it allows you to:

  • Evaluate more applicants
  • Easily compare interviewee’s
  • Eliminate scheduling early-round interviews

To Wrap Up

Although using video isn’t a new element in recruiting, it’s rapidly becoming a vital aspect. Every year, more HR departments are starting to integrate this medium in their hiring processes. It can be adapted in every recruitment procedure, from advertising job listings to the final interviews. Take action now, and get a competitive edge.

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