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We were celebrating success on our annual day and giving away awards to outstanding achievers. Our chairman wanted us to figure out the success mantra of these achievers. Amidst several ideas and comments, one stayed in my mind that the world record for high jump is 2.45 m and the same for pole vault is 6.21 m. The difference between the two events is the pole that is used as assisting equipment in the pole vault and the outcome is phenomenal. In our lives, we are athletes; can we find the pole and participate in the event of pole vault?

Let’s look at Mother Nature!

Nature has millions of living beings on the earth. If we add all other non-living natural creations, the number increases further. Each of these creations is unique in its own way, may it be a river, a desert, a lion, a polar bear, a stingray or a butterfly! Each of them has its presence, habits and behaviours. Cheetahs run fast, lions live in pride, tortoises are slow, and so on. Accordingly, all other creations of nature such as plants, animals, birds and all other physical creations interact with one another and find a way of co-existence. Each of them tries to do its own best.

Similarly, human beings are unique in many ways right from their birth. Some of them evolve and transform their habits and behaviours over time, yet they remain unique in many ways. Each of us takes up a profession and follows a certain path over time and one makes progress in life. We know that everyone in this world does not excel.

One wonders if all of us find the opportunities to participate in the games of pole vault and find the pole for the events. Are there some basic dos and don’ts?

Self-belief and a positive attitude form the foundation.

In schools, we learn various subjects and get exposure to various facets of life such as sports and games, singing, dancing, storytelling, painting and various other forms of art. We learn various life skills such as sharing and caring, respecting the views of others, being sensitive to others, presenting one’s opinions and influencing others and many others. Before a child makes a beginning in school, one does not think about its purpose; nor does one think if one would be able to succeed there. A child goes through the days in school, makes friends and tries to enjoy the routine. Along the way, one learns many things without realising that one is growing. As the years pass, one discovers one’s areas of interest, learns to compete with others in that area and excels there.

Work-life should be no different. We are possibly complicating it by raising too many doubts. One has to discover the likes soon as one did in school. Most societies in the world offer the freedom to choose one’s area of work that is broadly linked with one’s education or skills. So, one should just go through the motions at work with the zeal to excel and keep making improvements continually pretty much like a kid in school. One shouldn’t ever wonder if one would succeed, be anxious if the boss likes the work and so on.

Drive is the pole for each event of the pole vault!

It is not enough to have confidence and belief in oneself. Positive thoughts and self-belief undoubtedly provide one with a solid foundation. It helps to get up after each fall and get ready for the next trial.

One cannot make progress unless one is driven to learn new skills that come by, seize new opportunities that emerge, bridge gaps in capabilities as the gaps arise, raise the bar continually and keep making progress towards crossing the bar consistently. If one lacks the drive, there is no progress. In today’s world of business, everyone is expected to be fast and agile. All of us are expected to be quick in adapting to the situation and take initiative to resolve issues and at the same time, innovate to create greater value or deliver the same value faster. Drive is like the fuel that helps the engine keep delivering the output.

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