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CIEL/STF/20894: Facility Executive - Deloitte -JLL

Location: ,Hyderabad,Telangana,India

Soft Services Introduction

 Rest room cleaning - “daily & deep”
 Training rooms/Phone Booth rooms and meeting rooms - daily and deep
 Workstation cleaning - daily & deep
 Food court floor cleaning
 Emergency exit cleaning process
 Electrical rooms
 Kitchen deep cleaning process
 Extended corridor cleaning process
 Carpet shampooing process
 Wood polishing process
 Social areas & Pantry process - daily & deep
 Housekeeping and Janitorial services
 Helpdek tickets
 Stationery managments
 Pest control operations
Pantry Service
Waste management
 Courier Management
 Vendor Management
 Internal training/meeting Management


 Site Operations Management
 Monitoring of Housekeeping related activities
 Arrangement of all consumables and supplies for Client
 Interfacing with the pest control for carrying out the pest control activities at the facility.
 Take rounds of the facility regularly to identify issues in and initiate immediate rectification actions.
 Monitoring the mail room activities.
 Preparing the Daily/Weekly and Monthly reports.
 Collecting all documents from the vendor for compliance audit
 Interacting with the Housekeeping vendor.
 Taking facility rounds and find out snags and logging complaint with the Help Desk.
 Follow up and close the complaint logged.
 Effectively manage Facility team to ensure an on time deliverable system.
 Routinely Inspect all services to ensure performance measures are being maintained
 Provide assistance to FM in all administrative functions, security issues and Facility services and
any other administrative functions deemed by Client.
 Ownership of the Day to day administration, including reports generation of the stocks tracker.
 Muster all the housekeeping staff of the shift before deployment and communicate the priorities of
the day.
 Inspect the turn out and attendance of the staff and sign the shift register.
 Meet the housekeeping in charge during the shift to discuss and communicate priorities for the shift
and address complaints
 Oversee the pantry equipment and reprographic equipment operations during the shift and identify
issues and take necessary actions
 Communicate to the FM all incidents issues and pending problems.
 Support for FM and report on a daily basis updates/issues with site

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