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Pre Employment Background Check is the screening of an employee during the hiring process. It is generally done after the candidate clears all the rounds of interviews. Purpose of a pre-employment background check is to ensure that the potential employee is providing the right information to the company and has a clean criminal record. Hiring an employee with the wrong history can cost high to the company both in financial and non-financial terms. An employee with the wrong intentions to do fraud or steal private information can create a huge problem for the company. They can also disturb the environment of the workplace and break the team spirit among existing employees. Therefore, proper screening of an employee before hiring is very essential for any company.

Now, let’s move forward and know what all information is required to be verified during Employment Background Check:

Residential Address:

Verification of place of residence of a potential employee is to be done by the employer. If there’s anything wrong with the prospective employee’s background then they might try to hide their residential address. Physical authentication of the address of potential employee can also be done by sending a person to that address

Adhar Card Verification:

In India, Adhar Card is enough to verify the address, criminal record and other crucial information about the citizen. Verification of Adhaar Card in India has become very important while pre-employment background Check.

Criminal Record:

If someone with a negative criminal record enters your company as an employee, not just you and your company but other employees can also fall in danger. Therefore, before hiring any employee you should make sure that the criminal record of the prospective employee is clean.

Education Record:

On average, 10% of the candidates applying for the job exaggerate their CV and add fake qualifications to go ahead of the competition and get selected. That is why verification of the educational record of the potential employee is important. A candidate selected with inadequate qualifications can cost high to the company.

Now, you are aware of the important information you need to verify before hiring any employee but the next question is how to gather so much information about a person? It can be very hectic for you to gather such information about every employee you hire. Not just that it can even land you in legal troubles if the investigation hurts the privacy of a candidate. Therefore, it is always advisable to outsource a Background Verification Agency for such investigations.

Here are the few ways of gathering information about your prospective employee:

  • Checking with the previous employer: The previous employer of a company can tell you a lot about the character of the prospective employee and also provide you with the data to verify. Information about their behaviour in the previous workplace can help you make the forecast about their behaviour in your company also. You can match the data provided by the previous employer with the one provided by the prospective employee. It will help you to make sure that the data provided by the prospective employee to you regarding his work history is legitimate.
  • Check their Social Media: To know the interest, activities, hobbies of your potential employee you can also scroll through their social media feeds. This will give you an idea about what type of social circle they are in, is there any objectionable habit or activity which is against the culture of your company. Through some online verification, you can have a fair idea about the character of your prospective employee.
  • Check for Public Records: You can check for your prospective employees Criminal Record and Court history through any law enforcement agency. This will help you to know that if the person is/was involved in any kind of criminal offence or any court cases.
  • Verify data with the university: Some candidates put a fake degree in their CV to increase chances of getting selected. One of the most crucial part of the background check is the verifying the degree with the university. That will make sure that you are not hiring an employee with inadequate qualifications.
  • Physical Verification of Address: You can verify the address of prospective employee with the help of Adhaar Card. Another way you can verify the address is by sending a person to the address and verifying the address physically.

By spending a few pence on Pre Employment background checks you can save a lot of unnecessary costs. It acts like an insurance policy by saving you from the upcoming risk. You can easily conduct these Pre Employment Background check by hiring Background Verification Agency. They are experts in such investigations and provide you with 100% right information. It can act as a great time saver for you.

Happy Hiring!


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