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The pandemic has turned everyone’s lives upside down. The new normal forced us to adapt by migrating to the digital space. Our school, work, and social gatherings are done online. This makes our tasks harder than it was before. 

One of the reasons why work from home seems more difficult to do is because we still haven’t found the right set-up yet. Everyone has a different way of getting into the productivity zone. If you’re struggling with getting work done at your home, here are a few hacks for remote working. Four ways you can improve your productivity in your workplace: what add and avoid. 

Focus Boosters

  • Add: Focus Apps, Progress Trackers, a work mode playlist 

  • Avoid: Using Social Media while working 

It’s hard to keep focused nowadays. We depend on the internet for work, socialization, and even online shopping. Since all these platforms are on one screen, it’s just so easy to switch tabs and then get distracted with Twitter or Facebook gossip. By the time we get back to work, we are blown away when we realize that we spent 30 minutes reading articles about the Met Gala. (No shame in that, we’ve all been there.)

There are different ways to enhance your focus on your work. For some, it’s by making a Spotify playlist with a heavy rotation of their favorite upbeat songs that keeps them energized. Some people make a playlist of classical music to help them stay focused. 

Some apps help motivate you to stay focused and block your other applications to avoid distractions while working like Forest, Hocus Focus, and more. It might be good to install one of these apps on your devices for increased focus and increased productivity. 

Time Management

  • Add: a clear schedule and written goals about what you want to accomplish per day

  • Avoid: Cramming and forcing yourself to finish days of work in one sitting

Create a schedule of your work and place it somewhere you can always see. 

Productivity is fulfilling but having the wrong mindset about productivity can be quite toxic and leads to future unproductive days.  Finishing a week’s amount of work to have more resting days can easily burn you out. The next time you’re given another project, you’ll develop an immediate sense of hesitation towards it because you’re anticipating burnout based on your previous experience. This is not healthy, and it leads to cramming. You might get the job done, but the quality is not always guaranteed. It actually becomes counterproductive. 

Moreover, trying to put your energy into one task at a time makes you overlook the other responsibilities you have. 

Yes, working at home kind of removes the system of your work practices, but that just means you have to create your schedule. At the start of the week, or even the day, list down all the things you have to get done. Perhaps set a goal for each day until the deadline. When you’re done with your daily goal, then reward yourself with a cup of coffee and then call it a day. This gives you a more positive view of work that can boost your productivity. 

“Work-Area” Designation

  • Add: a designated space for your work time

  • Avoid: Bringing your whole set up everywhere in your home

Working remotely does blur the line between the space for relaxation and work. Home is usually for recreation. You leave your piles and piles of work at your desk at the office and now that it’s with you, you just feel like you can’t get things done. 

To solve this, you have to create your “office-space.” Design a room, or space at home in a way that you would want to design at your office. Designate a desk and set up your laptop, papers, folders, lamp, and even a cubicle if you want until it gives you “work” vibes. In this way, when you’re at your work area, you are conditioned to get to your work zone. At the moment you step away from the room you can leave the work and continue to relax in your bedroom or living room. 

Putting up this space of work can help you be more productive in work. 

Deliverables Listing 

  • Add: a to-do list

  • Avoid: Working on what you remember from the top of your head

It’s easy to forget some details when we’re working.  With all the home errands and work deliverables, there’s a real possibility you can forget a task entirely until the deadline. (major disaster). Stop trying to remember everything you have to do, and start listing it down. 

Listing it down on your phone may be helpful too, but writing it on paper is hassle-free and faster. Put it on a sticky note and stick it on your table. It’s kind of hard to miss something that’s literally in front of your face. 

Besides, checking it off the list is one of the best feelings in the world, it inspires you and keeps you motivated to get more things done. 

Work from home is indeed a challenge to everyone but we can do our best to create an environment where we can continue working and growing. While we can’t stay in our offices, we can try to make a good set up at our homes. 

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