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CIEL HR Services: Mr. K. Pandia Rajan & Latha Rajan, founders of Ma Foi re-enter HR Services Business

  • Powered by Technology and Analytics, a next-gen path breaker in the Indian HR services industry

Industry veteran and pioneer in HR, Mr. K. Pandia Rajan today announced his re-entry in the HR industry with the launch of CIEL HR Services and introduced his founding team members headed by Director & CEO, Mr. Aditya Narayan Mishra and Director & COO, Mr. Santosh Nair.

Commenting on his re-entry, Mr. K. Pandia Rajan, Chairman of CIEL HR Services said, “It is indeed great to be back in the business which we have pioneered. With CIEL we want to rediscover and define new meanings in HR, especially using the power of Analytics. All our offerings in Staffing, Search and Selection will be driven by data-based insights using new sciences to find the best talent. We are starting the operations in 4 cities (Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, & Baroda) and will soon create offices in Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Pune to support our clients nationally.

The Director &  Co-Founder Ms.Latha Rajan, said; “CIEL will retain the core values of Ma Foi, Growth, Dignity, Transparency & Diversity and build on the expertise we have gained on Analytics and Consulting in the last three years”.

CEO of CIEL HR Services, Mr. Aditya Narayan Mishra said, “CIEL HR Services will truly stand out from the clutter with innovation, agility and excellence. We see employer organizations wanting a different talent acquisition solution, which understand their context and also deliver on time. With Analytics we believe we can increase the conversion rate to above 70%, which tremendously will improve productivity of the recruiter. With our deep domain knowledge, we are confident in contributing significantly to the employment landscape in India by job creation and setting new benchmarks in service delivery.”

About CIEL HR Services:

CIEL meaning ‘Sky’ in French, is a next-generation HR services company head quartered in Bangalore. It is a new-age firm in the Indian HR Services industry that leverages on Technology and Analytics to offer a range of services such as permanent staffing, selection, flexible staffing, and executive search and managed services programmers. The company specializes in providing solutions in talent acquisition, engagement and retention. The team of CIEL brings with them deep domain expertise, the power of technology and an undying spirit of innovation to its clients and candidates with equal fervor.

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