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Recent Blogs
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You are in a meeting with an objective of taking stock of the progress and making a few decisions about the journey ahead. A participant speaks at length, labours a point to highlight his or her expertise and goes to unnecessary details that add negligible value to the meeting. The long-winding monologue of the person […]


Your colleague steals your ideas, projects those as her own, she is seen in a better light, you do not get credit for your work and you get marginalised. You feel shocked, angry, cheated and frustrated. Some say, your work should speak for itself. You do not know if you should ignore and stay positive […]

Great Success need not pave the way for more

Successful people are clear about their priorities. They have a strong conviction in their thoughts and beliefs. They pursue their dreams passionately to bring them to reality. When they start scaling new peaks, the world takes note of their achievements and keeps the spotlight on them. Naturally, they start receiving a lot of comments, feedbacks […]

Should You Consider Academic Scores While Recruiting?

Increasing number of companies in the western economies are saying that university marks are irrelevant for a hiring decision. They would rather look at skills and attitude rather than academic scores. They do not think, academic scores indicate how well the candidate would be able to perform on the job. What do we do in […]

Leveraging Technology in HR

Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, blockchain, big data analytics are now out in the world and finding applications in day to day work. Speech recognition based assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are commonplace now. Business world has started using bots, cloud computing, platform as a service, various big data analytics tools […]

Cost of a bad hire

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” said Jim Collins. Organizations compete in the marketplace armed with their competitive advantages. Talent is their unique strength that gets built over a long period of time by conscious efforts of the leadership team and their unwavering commitment to a coherent people strategy. Hiring the right people is […]

How do Recruitment agencies work?

Agencies have two worlds to deal with – companies are looking to hire the best talent and at the same time, job seekers are looking for the best opportunity. They earn their fees from the companies and hence their loyalty and priority lie with the employer organizations, referred as clients globally. They make their best […]

Choose the Right HR Partner

Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character, said John Wooden, the legendary basketball player and coach. Organizations have to win consistently and hence, they need the talent who demonstrate the same character each day at work. It is not easy to find people with the same character. HR Teams leverage external agencies and their own […]

Ranting on Social Media

Social media is ubiquitous now. It’s a part of our lives, not a fad any more. The nature of this media is such that a negative news gets amplified fast. Organizations will have to learn to deal with these and leverage this to spread positivism. Need an agile and forward-looking leadership team that plans well and executes rigorously.

Is paternity leave and wellness being neglected in the Indian workplace?

Mother gets the world of attention when a baby is born and assumes a new world of responsibilities. Employer organizations are statutorily required to offer 26 weeks’ of paid maternity leave. What about the young father who is increasingly bearing a fair share of responsibility in rearing the child? As families are increasingly getting nuclear […]

How does social well-being of employees contribute to your business success?

Someone said, “Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant.” Organizations are successful when they deliver outstanding results as a collective. The employees need to have a common understanding of the purpose of the organization, its values and beliefs. While they go about doing their day to day work, make decisions, prioritise their actions, solve […]

Why is a recruitment agency better suited to find the perfect candidate for your business?

Organizations want to get the best talent on board because that’s a competitive advantage hard to replicate by the competition. Do they ask the internal HR team to recruit or get the experts to hire for them?   Get the hiring plan on the table! Many leaders do not have a good visibility of their […]


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