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Recent Blogs
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Motivating Employees During a Crisis

“In a time of domestic crisis, men of goodwill and generosity should be able to unite regardless of party or politics”, said John F. Kennedy. Covid19 has pushed humanity against the wall. Many organisation are staring at a decline of 25% to 100% in their revenues. Would their leaders reduce their indirect costs or they […]

How to Land the Ideal Startup Job

Startups can be a thrilling place to work. They are places of growth and innovation, both for the business itself and the people who work there. Startup employees work hard and care about the work you do, making them an ideal work environment for people with passion, creativity, and a strong work ethic. How do […]

No-Sweat Ways to Build a Good Remote Team

While many companies still operate with a 100% physical workforce, this is becoming less and less common. A big reason for this is the growth of remote work. More and more people are working remotely than ever before, and look for this to continue. In fact, a large majority of workers globally are working remotely […]

Remote working is the new future of work

Covid19 has caused widespread disruption in the world of work. Millions have started working from home; and at the same time, employers in certain industry sectors cannot let the work shift to individuals’ homes. Factories, assembly lines, construction sites, theatres, travel and tourism industry, hospitality sector, healthcare, security, maintenance and repair and many such cannot […]

HR Team’s dealing with a Pandemic

There have been many pandemics in the world from cholera, various kinds of flu to plague and HIV/AIDS. Each time a pandemic has struck, it has claimed thousands of lives, disrupted sources of livelihood and caused widespread fear. Naturally, businesses are impacted as a result of such pandemics. What can the HR Team do while […]

Attract Millennials to your workplace

  CIELWorks 2020, a research study on the latest trends in the talent market says, the biggest recruiting challenge faced by companies is talent availability. The largest cohort in the talent market today is the millennials. Hence, each organisation must do its best to attract the millennials towards them. Most senior managers and entrepreneurs of […]

Method behind the talent madness

“There is no great genius without a touch of madness”, said Aristotle. It is very rare to see companies going about their hiring plan without a sweat. A recent study by CIEL HR shows, speed, cost and quality of hire is pretty much on the agenda of boardroom discussion. HR folks may feel good that […]

Doing business in uncertain times

VUCA as a concept has been in use since the early 2000s to describe the situation many businesses started encountering frequently. There were several disruptions due to geopolitical developments, technological advancements and changes in the global economic environment. As a result, we saw the introduction of new products and services, new ways of engaging with […]

Redefining Performance Management in the age of AI

AI has been touching our lives in the form of voice assistants, spam filters, schedulers, parsers, chatbots and many more. We see them in action at our homes, workplaces and the places we visit. We interact with them in order to make our lives easier. Every now and then, we see new launches of AI-powered […]

Digital Technologies That Are Changing Talent Acquisition

Digital technologies are infiltrating many different business sectors. Recruitment and staffing are no exception. As these technologies continue to develop and advance, so will the way recruiters seek out new talent and conduct the hiring process. Whether we are the organisation doing the hiring, or an applicant looking for work, understanding what these technologies are […]

Are we ready for the Jobs in Industry 4.0?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will disrupt our way of doing things as the previous versions did. Right from the first revolution in the early 19th century to the latest in the early 21st century, each time we see disruptions of several kinds and at the same time, more output with fewer efforts. The disruption […]

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Build a Team of Top Sales People

When it comes to hiring people for the job, the first thing that companies and employers look for are skills, experience and educational background. This is true in any type of setting, and even when you are building a team of salespeople. Sales could be a very daunting department. Most of the time, companies prefer […]


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