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Permanent staffing services

Home >> Permanent Staffing Services CIEL HR is a permanent staffing services company offering both staffing services and recruitment process outsourcing services in India. In the last three years, we have offered top-notch recruitment services to more than 1200 clients and staffing solutions to more than 120 organizations. We source applicants from both active and passive […]

Are you Innovating enough?

All of us look for something new in our lives. It may be a new product or the same product delivered in a different way; it may be some modification or new features, packaging, touch and feel that appeals to us; it might be a new logo or an extension of what we already have. […]

HR outsourcing services in India

We are a leading HR outsourcing services company in India. Our services are permanent and temporary staffing services , recruitment services in India. CIEL HR Services plan to set up 100 branch offices in India by the end of 2016. Have any questions? Call us +91 7816 000 111

Take a leap of faith to start a new job

People change jobs. Head-hunters, job sites, professional networks and a large eco-system thrive on this phenomenon. Over the last two decades, I have been fortunate to see thousands of people change jobs and have been personally involved in a few hundred cases. I see people between jobs : some people quit having another opprotunity at […]

Staffing services company in Coimbatore

CIEL HR is a staffing services company in Coimbatore. Our services are permanent & temporary staffing solution. CIEL HR Staffing Services Company in Coimbatore: Door No. 75/116 ,First Floor, West Ramalingam Road, R.S. Puram , Coimbatore – 641002  

Do people resist change?

Many of us say, there is resistance to change. It is because, we have been told so and many of us have experienced the resistance ourselves. Looking at it a bit more closely will show us a different picture. If all of us resisted change, the ruling party in a democracy will never lose the […]

3 learnings from Obama’s State Of The Union address

President Obama has been an influential leader of our times and naturally his final SOTU address was watched with a lot of interest. I see a few take-aways for someone who is a manager or a leader. Firstly, it is about engaging with employees who are leaving. Leaders adopt various practices while letting their employees […]

UBER’s Surge Pricing is Good for all

This seems to beat the common discourse of our times. Give me a minute to explain why surge pricing is good, though annoying. Who complains about it? We, the customers, right? Let’s start analyzing how surge pricing is good for us. We all know, many a times, UBER fares are lower than the normal taxi […]

What’s the right gift?

Holiday season is around us and so is gifting. All of us have been givers and receivers. We know how tough it is to choose a gift; how thoughtful we were while choosing the right gift and the compromises we made while making the choice. When we have been a receiver, we know how eager we […]

Do a Star Wars Act!

900+M USD of box office collection in a matter of just few days is no small feat. A marketing wonder and a fine product… what do we learn from it? Firstly, it has a clear target audience and understands what appeals to them. Most of them love to fantasise; they are self-confident bordering on pride […]

Are Bell curves out of fashion?

A few months ago, a lot has been debated about the utility of bell curves in appraising performance. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to discuss this with a panel of business leaders and HR leaders on this subject. While a few organizations have junked this tool already, most others do find this tool to be […]


Speed of doing business has undoubtedly been on the rise. With rising usage of social media, we the people have taken a lot in our stride… right from updating others about what we are up to, what we are against and many such things to responding to many things around us. Bosses in companies have […]


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