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As we are constantly re-inventing ourselves everyday, the​ 2nd International Yoga day being celebrated yesterday around the World reminds us how to re-energize ourselves in this busy world.

Our ancestors with their rich knowledge and wisdom devised solutions​ ​to a lot of complicated problems​. But over the time​,​ we have forgotten​ ​many of these practices and the knowledge . This International Yoga Day was an opportunity to​ re-discover those old traditions and ​feel the inner strength that our soul possesses.

We are not truly happy until our mind is at peace.​ ​Around the world, on this day, people are realizing that they could dedicate a few minutes each day to connect with their body and mind through the practices of Yoga and have a healthy body and ​sound ​mind​.​

​Here is an opportunity to r​e​mind and​ encourage our work-group​ to​ ​remain active​, stay healthy​, keep the mind pure and ​produce superior results.

Source : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/yoga-life-aditya-mishra