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November 9, 2014
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November 23, 2014
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What’s in a Birthday?


The first birthday is special and very dear to the people who care about the new arrival. May it be, the birthday of a baby, an adult, an organization, a nation! Each of these are remembered each year and celebrated in several ways. As the world is changing, the ways of celebrating the birthday are changing.

A few decades ago, a birthday used to be typically a few people coming together, worshiping the Almighty for the long life, starting something new, remembering the past and thinking of the future. Our current times are dotted with the advent of the digital and virtual world. Physical congregation of people is no more practical and the norm. Instead of a number of people coming together in person, we reach the digital identity of the person or the organization (call it an entity) through tele-presence. We do not have the time for long chitchat and sumptuous meals; we use a lot of acronyms and emoticons to convey our thoughts. We keep our communication brief, possibly to save time. The receiver is expected to be understanding of our intent and be happy with the practicalities of tele-presence. Thanks to google; we need not remember the history associated with the birth of the entity. And there are several tools available to share the memories of an event instantaneously among all the people who care to know about it. This was not a possibility in the earlier times. While times have changed, methods of communication have transformed while the intent of remembering the past and looking into the future hasn’t changed.

Apart from the fact that the advent of digital age has changed the way we celebrate birthdays, there is another major change. While there are a lot of messages, likes, tweets, photos, chats, whatsapp and so on, we do not have as many people who convey the feelings and emotions associated with the birthday. We as a human race have become smart to broadcast our messages and proceedings of an event but haven’t yet learnt to engage with a lot of people deeply.

Our interactions on digital platform enable us to mark our attendance and tick an item in the to-do list. I hope, we will have technology some time soon to help us connect with others deep down in their hearts; spread the feelings of love, care, enjoyment, success and novelty among them. And make our world a place where we have loads of care and humanity!

Let’s pledge to go beyond the messages on facebook, messengers, chats, texts and whatsapp’s. Let’s make the other person know how much we care, reminisce the past together and dream about the future together!

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