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HR Services in Dubai

About us in Dubai

Ma Foi started in India in 1992 and grew to be the largest HR services company in India. It operated from 14 countries including Dubai, Bahrain and Oman in the Middle East. The Founders are back again under the banner of CIEL to provide the best of recruitment and HR consulting services to the organizations. In a very short time, CIEL has expanded its office network in India and successfully found talent across various levels and functions.

CIEL couples its subject matter expertise in recruitment with its unique Resume Ranking Algorithm developed in-house using Natural Language Processing based machine learning. This helps the clients find the right-fit candidates who might not come up on the top of the heap in a keyword search. CIEL finds talent for Energy, Infrastructure, IT, Financial Services, Consumer Products and Services sectors.



[idea]Over 1000 HR assignments in the area of HR Systems, Compensation & Benefits and Employee Engagement[/idea]
[idea]Team with experience of having recruited more than 283000 candidates in 36 countries[/idea]
[idea]Agility and Efficiency in Passion to create value for the client organization
[idea]Ability to identify individuals who technically and culturally match a client’s requirements with advanced use of algorithms.[/idea]
[idea]Expert consultants – who understand the context of the job and identify the right candidates to ensure long time association[/idea]
[idea]Our client’s brand gets strengthened by the experience that the CIEL HR Team delivers to the applicants.[/idea]

Our service offerings


[idea]Executive Search for top management positions that deliver large impact towards your success.[/idea]
[idea]Selection for mid to junior roles who largely execute the plans set by your leadership team at the top.[/idea]
[idea]Recruitment Process Outsourcing for a range of roles across junior to mid-level in the organization as a project to ensure timely placement of the right talent. [/idea]
[idea]HR System building: HR strategy and advisory, HR Policies and processes development, HR department setup. [/idea]
[idea]Organization Diagnostics & Assessment Centre. [/idea]
[idea]Talent Management system: Organization structuring, Defining Roles &responsibility, Manpower planning, Planning Talent acquisition strategies, On-boarding and induction, Performance management system, Compensation and rewards, Employee engagement, Career and succession planning, Exit management.[/idea]

Illustrative List of CIEL Success Stories


[idea]Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for a building materials company[/idea]
[idea]Head of Commercial for an ERP and Accounting Software Company[/idea]
[idea]CFO for leading Real Estate and Infrastructure Company[/idea]
[idea]CEO for Water Utility Company[/idea]
[idea]Head Marketing for a Swiss Chocolate Manufacturer[/idea]
[idea]COO for a Healthcare IT Product Organization[/idea]
[idea]CIO for a Logistics Company[/idea]
[idea]COO of a Marketing Agency focused on Consumer Products sector[/idea]
[idea]Architect for Cloud Technology for a leading IT products company[/idea]

[idea]Head HR for leading consumer product company[/idea]
[idea]Several RPO Projects to recruit the entire team for a Greenfield Project to manufacture wind turbines[/idea]
[idea]Focused RPO to recruit the entire Team for an Amusement Park – Sales, Ticketing, Guest relations, Security, Ride operations, Maintenance, F&B, Fire safety & health, IT, HR, Finance and Procurement etc.[/idea]
[idea]RPO to recruit talent for an insurance company across the country.[/idea]
[idea]Talent Management Solution for a leading Auto Company right from manpower planning, talent acquisition, induction, compensation and rewards to performance management, training and development and career planning.[/idea]
[idea]HR System building for a leading Beauty Salon right from its policies, implementation guidelines to developing the job descriptions.[/idea]
[idea]Employee Engagement Study for an Investment Bank to determine key drivers of motivation and impact of action areas.[/idea]



Contact us at Dubai

Shivakumar Venkateswaran

Executive Director

+971 52 7279042 | skumar@cielhr.com

Shivakumar Venkateswaran is a veteran of the customer facing industry having spent over 28 years with various multinational companies including Xerox, Novartis as well as large Indian companies such as Reliance Retail, Shoppers Stop among others. He has led large and complex operations in both India as well as the Middle East in the areas relating to Retail, Sales, Marketing & E commerce. His in depth knowledge of business strategy, operations, planning and recruitment will stand him in good stead as he leads CIEL’s office in Dubai, addressing the needs of our clients across the Middle East region.

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