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Customer Engagement

Businesses exist because there is someone out there who believes in them and buys their promises. As technology has been transforming our lives, it is bound to impact the way a business communicates its promises to the outside world and engages with it. It was not too long ago that many businesses did not have a website. They relied on yellow pages and word of mouth. Many of them did not have a phone and email for the prospective customers and existing customers to interact with. Currently, a website, social media pages, emails and phones are not enough!


Quick conversation and decision

Customers do not have the time to read descriptive reviews and peruse emails. They need personalized attention and response. Service-providers asking for a turn-around of 24 hours and a week are looked down upon. Until a couple of years ago, customers accepted a complaint number or a ticket number over the phone helpline and waited through the promised turn-around time. Now the customer expects to be recognised by the company as soon as he or she waves at them. Companies have to not only recognise them but extend a warm welcome, anticipate their intention and offer solutions instantaneously. They do not want to talk to helpdesk executives if their problem is going to be just registered. Quick action is essential. Companies have to innovate!


Single window servicing needed

Customers are reaching service-providers on their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and so on. They might write emails, call on the phone number, enquire with a dealer, discuss with their contacts about the service-provider. The service provider may be a school. Hospital, grocery store, local government body, broadband provider, washing machine manufacturer, Car Company, software maker cloud service or a staffing service provider.

Any of these needs to provide one single window to the outside world for all interactions. Customers should get all the information that they may need, clarify their doubts and get their problems addressed without the need of further follow-ups. Organizations have to be listening across a range of media, connecting the dots seamlessly and responding fast. Customer convenience has to be the passion!

Technology has been evolving. Customer experience cloud solutions are available from a variety of providers. These help companies establish a plethora of communication channels with their customer, communicate to them in a focused manner and seamlessly interact with them. The potential inefficiency of a human in juggling across multiple channels and dealing with a range of issues is being addressed by these new solutions.


Leadership intent

There are hundreds of companies in any industry sector. However, the companies who produce significantly better results than the others have leaders who are committed and passionate about delivering superior experience to their customers. They drive the customer agenda hard within the organization. While recruiting talent for themselves, they look for people who have a customer mind-set. They focus on customers and hence, the internal dialogue in the company prioritises customer needs over the others. The action plans and programmes within the company has a significant component around attracting and retaining a customer. They look at customer life cycle and evolve methods of winning a large share of customers’ wallets.

Customer focus of the leaders results in sustainable practices around product development, customer engagement and operational efficiency; hence, growth in revenues and market share.


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