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Do you flip-flop as a leader?

Conventionally, a strong leader is the one who sees things clearly and is articulate about his vision and priorities. She or he is not a push-over; is determined; stays the course and focused. There is no room for dilly-dallying about a decision. As our world has been...

Recipe for fast growth?

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth”, said John F Kennedy. Leaders at work push their teams to grow fast; investors push the CEOs and the management team to think big and grow fast; leaders and coaches at home and personal lives nudge us to...

CIEL HR Services

CIEL HR Services: Mr. K. Pandia Rajan & Latha Rajan, founders of Ma Foi re-enter HR Services Business Powered by Technology and Analytics, a next-gen path breaker in the Indian HR services industry Industry veteran and pioneer in HR, Mr. K. Pandia Rajan today...
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