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    Flex Staffing Services (FSS)

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    CIEL provides Flex staff equipped with varied skill-sets on its payroll across multiple locations. Our deputees, flex staff, work at our client organizations for a specified period of time across different functional and organizational levels. We offer complete flexibility by providing end-to-end employee life cycle management and the option of being hired on to the client payroll. Our technology enabled transparent work process brings in proven efficiency in deputee engagement and reduces employee Query Resolution Time significantly.
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    Permanent Selection Services (PSS)

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    We offer our clients the most suitable profiles in minimal time by using proven and advanced data analytics frameworks. Our experienced consultants engage with clients and candidates deeply to understand their context; our unique algorithm matches the context of a role in the employer organization to that of the potential candidate helping both the candidate and the client find their desired position and talent respectively.



CIEL employs a unique matching algorithm that uses Natural Language Processing based machine learning framework. This unique matching process ensures that the best and the most suitable candidates are searched for quickly, ensuring agility and efficiency in the talent acquisition process.

Context Based

CIEL matches the context of the employer with that of the potential candidate, at the same time ensuring a higher retention rate. This is integral to CIEL’s recruitment methodology ensuring the right candidate is identified in minimal time.

Long-term relationship

Our service delivery is built to establish a sustainable and lasting relationship with both candidates and client organizations. This is at the core of our service.


Our consultants collaborate deeply with the clients to understand not only the stated needs but also their latent needs. CIEL’s focus on co-creation ensures seamless communication and stronger employer branding to deliver unrivalled value to its clients and candidates.

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